Fortnite: How to Fix Waiting in Queue Error (2023)

Can't get into Fortnite? Here's what you need to know about the waiting for queue error in Chapter 1 Season 5.

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Fortnite OG is here, and with it come plenty of throwbacks to Chapter 1 Season 5. While the servers are typically slammed with any new Season, they’re especially bogged down right now. If you’re left twiddling your thumbs, here’s how to “fix” the waiting in queue error.

Can You Fix the Fortnite Waiting in Queue Error?

You’ve booted up Fortnite OG to see what Chapter 1 Season 5 has in store, but you’ve been hit with a waiting in queue error when starting the game. You’ll be stuck on a loading screen that shows an estimated waiting time. In my experience, it was about 19 minutes when I loaded the game. But is there a way to fix it?

Unfortunately, no. We can’t fix the waiting in queue error because it’s technically not an error. Instead, it means that there’s a waiting line to get into the game. Indeed, it’s a server-side issue and has nothing to do with your connection — or anything else on your end. The “fix” is to simply wait things out until it’s your turn to enter the game.

Once the timer is up, start connecting and log in. You’ll then see the Fortnite OG splash screen and short cinematic showing gameplay (including Spectra Knight, airplanes, and more). You’ll then get the GG Snakes emote before being sent to the main menu.

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Why is There a Queue for Fortnite?

There’s a queue for Fortnite because the new season has just started on November 3! The queue meters the number of players allowed into matches at any given time. This keeps the servers from getting overloaded and crashing. If that happened, no one could play the OG map or progress their OG Battle Pass! The queue typically appears when there are high player counts.

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How to Check Fortnite Server Status

Aside from getting stuck on the loading screen, there are several ways to check if Fortnite is having server issues. The first place I like to look is the Fortnite Down Detector page. It provides a real-time look into reports from other players. You can also look at the outage map to see the relative number of outages in your immediate area.

The second place I like to look is the Epic Games Public Status page. It will tell you if Fortnite is currently down. It also provides insight into what services are currently under maintenance and when scheduled maintenance is set to occur. The Fortnite Status X account is another good place to look. Lastly, join the Fortnite Discord channel for other real-time updates from players.

Unlike other “errors” that you may experience in Fortnite, there’s no reason to check your internet status, reset your router, or reset the game. It’s confirmed that this issue isn’t on your end. All you’ll do is reset the queue timer from the beginning. My second time was another 14 minutes.

That’s how to “fix” the waiting in queue error in Fortnite. Simply wait the allotted time, and you should drop right into the game without any other issues. For more, head over to our guides hub.

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