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Honkai Star Rail: How to Beat Phantylia Echo of War

Here's how to beat Phantylia, the third Honkai Star Rail boss, in Echo of War.

Honkai Star Rail lets you replay bosses after you’ve initially beaten them to gain some exclusive rewards. The third boss added in the story mode and one of the more difficult fights, you may be wondering how to beat Phantylia Echo of War. Here’s what you need to know about the battle, as well as tactic and comps to make things easier.

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How to Beat Phantylia Echo of War in Honkai Star Rail

How to Unlock Phantylia the Undying Echo of War: Divine Seed

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You won’t have the opportunity to play through the Echo of War for Phantylia the Undying until you’ve fought her in A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant!, which is a Trailblaze Mission. Once you’ve beaten her in the story, you just need to travel to the Scalegorge Waterscape area on the Xianzhou Luofu. Approach the spot where the battle took place, and you’ll find Echo of War: Divine Seed.

How to Defeat Phantylia the Undying Echo of War

The Phantylia Echo of War more or less functions the same as it did in the story. She has some powerful attacks and three different phases to go through, one more than what the Doomsday Beast Echo of War and Cocolia Echo of War fights have. She’ll also change her attack type each phase, as well.

What really separates this boss from the others are the pairs of Abundance Lotus and Destruction Lotus that she’ll summon throughout each phase. Both of these will cause some inconvenient debuffs to your team that force you to reconsider your actions. Thankfully, you have an Imbibitor Lunae assist ability that can help balance the scales by dealing major Imaginary damage to all enemies. This assist will build up with the more actions you take.

Below you’ll find that we’ve broken down everything you need to know going into this fight and the exclusive rewards you can earn up to three times a week.

Best Team for Phantylia in Echo of War: Divine Seed

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Phantylia is weak to Electric, Imaginary, and Wind. Both of her lotuses also share two of these same weaknesses, so it makes sense to craft a team around these elements. You might want to avoid bringing along any Ice or Quantum characters, though, since Phantylia does have Frozen and Entanglement resistances.

A DPS or two that can inflict AoE damage is preferred here. Even more preferable, if not outright necessary, is a healer that can remove debuffs from your team. Luocha is a welcome ally when taking this boss on due to his incredible healing output, an AoE-damaging Ultimate, and a debuff-removing upgrade to his skill. If you don’t have Luocha, Natasha will fulfill the healer role just fine as long as she has her Soothe ability unlocked.

The following is the best team using F2P-only Honkai Star Rail characters:

  • Dan Heng
  • Serval
  • Yukong
  • Natasha

Feel free to use the above information and team makeup as a template for your own. As always, I also implore you to use a Support Character to improve your chances. This can be quite a tricky battle, after all.

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Phantylia the Undying Echo of War Phase 1 Tips

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One of the first actions Phantylia will make in Phase 1 is summoning two Abundance Lotuses. These annoying flowers will take away a skill point each turn they’re active and restore a bit of their HP, too. Landing a killing blow on one also supplies you with three skill points.

Besides the lotuses, Phantylia herself has a couple of single-target attacks and one AoE attack, all of which inflict Wind damage. She’ll also summon one or two Abundance Lotuses to replace any you’ve destroyed in the previous turn.

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The priority in Phase 1 of the Phantylia Echo of War fight is to put these flowers out of commission. Try to deplete their Toughness gauge early on to cause some Weakness Breaks. You can start this boss battle strong if you prevent them from draining your skill points in the first turn.

From there, you should divert your attention to Phantylia or leave the flowers with just enough health so that you can destroy them quickly later. This entire fight is essentially a balancing act of focusing on the boss or her summons.

If you could use some skill points and have the opportunity to destroy one of these lotuses, go ahead and do it. I recommend staggering the killing blows for both, though, since you’ll already gain a minimum of three skill points for the turn after destroying one. Make sure to keep the heals coming and use Imbibitor Lunae’s Cloudhymn Roar when possible to finish this phase without a hitch.

Phantylia Echo of War Divine Seed: Phase 2 Tips

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Phase 2 of the Phantylia Echo of War fight is a bit trickier. She’ll summon two Destruction Lotuses this time. These can inflict Prana-Siphon on one of your teammates, which will decrease their maximum HP by 40% for two turns. You’ll also quickly notice that their weakness is protected. You can’t deplete their Toughness. The only time this isn’t the case is when they enter their one-turn Bloom status buff.

Phantylia uses Lightning attacks for this phase. Most of the time, she’ll use a single-target attack. However, she’ll sometimes use her Ultimate Starfall, Mooncry attack, which deals Lightning damage to the entire team. She can also use an action to cause one Desctrution Lotus to enter into Bloom. After one turn passes in this state, they’ll inflict major electric damage with their Havoc attack.

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While the Abundance Lotuses gave you skill points for destroying them, Destruction Lotuses have their own little bonus if you manage to interrupt the Bloom status. Whether it’s through defeating them, a Weakness Break, or simply using a character to debuff them, Phantylia will suffer from increased damage and a delay to her actions.

This phase can be broken into two priorities: keep everyone’s HP up and disable the lotuses. Phantylia can inflict some decent damage, and your party members are more likely to be downed if they only have 60% of their max HP. Keep your healer on debuff duty unless someone else is certainly going to be defeated by an attack.

The best-case scenario is depleting all of the lotuses’ HP. Although this won’t destroy them, it will make them enter a Repose state for two turns so you can focus on everything else. Achieving this can be easier said than done though, so I recommend going for Weakness Breaks. This will get them off your back for a turn and also give you some breathing room from Phantylia too. Be smart with your attacks, use Imbibitor Lunae when you can, and keep your HP up. You’ll be ready for the final phase in no time.

Phantylia Echo Fight: Phase 3 Tips

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Phase 3 of the Phantylia Echo of War fight is entirely about bringing the previous strategies together. She fills her side of the field with two Abundance Lotuses and two Destruction Lotuses. She retains the relevant lotus-related abilities and gains some new Imaginary damage-dealing attacks.

One is a single-target attack that returns from the first phase, one is a new blast-style attack, and the final is her Ultimate Arbor Apotheosis attack that deals damage to the whole team. Lastly, she also performs three actions per turn for this final phase.

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You’ll be seeing Bloom activated more often, and Phantylia won’t be shy about throwing out her ultimate, either. If your healer has an ultimate ready that can heal the whole party, don’t be afraid to use it in between her actions. She can hit your team hard with three actions per turn.

Aim for weakness breaks for all of her summons, destroy an Abundance Lotus when you need some skill points, and stay in good health. Don’t fret if you’re unable to stop a Destruction Lotus from using Havoc – it’s fine to whittle the toughness down bit by bit.

Once you have caused a weakness break/stopped Bloom, it’s time to push out all of your strongest attacks on Phantylia herself. This final phase can feel like a war of attrition, but the key is to manage the lotuses.

Echo of War Divine Seed Rewards

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With three Echo of War challenges to choose from now, it’s getting tougher to decide which ones to get your weekly rewards from. Aside from the typical rewards, the unique drop for Divine Seed is the Regret of Infinite Ochema trace material. This is a necessary material for Blade and the upcoming characters Kafka and Luka.

That’s how to beat the Phantylia Echo of War challenge in Honkai Star Rail. For more general team compositions to take on the various challenges you’ll come across in your journey, check out our Best Team Builds guide. Everything else can be found on our Honkai Star Rail guides page.

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