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Drinking wine with Tribesmen in Soulmask
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How to Improve Tribesmen’s Moods in Soulmask

Keep your Tribesmen happy by uplifting their moods!

Once you recruit a Tribesmen in Soulmask, they are a part of your clan forever (unless something terrible happens). You’ll want to take good care of them so they will be hard workers, including giving them food and water and even ensuring their moods are kept high. Here’s how you can improve their moods.

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How to Uplift Moods in Soulmask

Hunger and Thirst are just two of the primary needs you’ll need to keep up for yourself and your Tribesmen. Along with those, you’ll also want to make sure their moods are kept up as well. The higher the mood, the better they will be at performing their work assignments around camp.

You can see how high or low a Tribesmen mood is by hovering over them. Their mood meter is listed underneath their HP, hunger, thirst, and recognition.

Directly after recruiting a Tribesman, their mood will usually be pretty low. Thankfully, there are a few different ways you can uplift it: providing food and water, a resting place, checking their likes and dislikes, and some special beverages.

Food and Water

Even though hunger and thirst are their own separate needs, they still affect the Tribesmen’s mood as well. The first step you should take after recruiting someone is to ensure they have both food an water on them.

Food is fairly easy to give out. Tribesmen will eat just about anything they are given, whether they are prepared meals or foraged foods you find in the wild. However, meals will satisfy them more, especially the staple foods, like Fried Taco and Potato Buns.

Water is a little more difficult to give out because you’ll need to make a vessel to transfer the water in. However, you can make a Water Bottle anywhere you are with the right materials. To make a Water Bottle, you need:

  • Beast Hide x2
  • Fiber x10
  • Thick Rope x2

Then, with the Water Bottle in your inventory, approach any water source and fill it up by pressing E. Once you have food and water, approach your Tribesmen and hold E to move the items over to their inventory. You can make them drink and eat instantly by selecting the item and pressing E, or you can wait for them to use them on their own.

Resting Place

All Tribesmen like to take breaks from work and rest by the bonfire. Instead of just sitting on the ground, you can provide your Tribesmen with a resting spot so they will be more comfortable and, in turn, uplift their mood.

One of the easiest ways to provide them a place to rest is to make a Grass Mat. You can place these by the bonfire, and they will sit on them every time they are taking a break.

You can make a Grass Mat with the following materials:

  • Thatch x5
  • Thick Rope x2

Of course, if you want to make them even more comfortable, you can make some better chairs later on, once you unlock the Medium Building tech or beyond.

Likes and Dislikes

Another great way to keep your Tribesmen happy is to give them things they like. You can check what each Tribesmen’s like and dislikes are by going to your Clan page (I on your keyboard). Here, hover over the little icons on the Tribesman’s character bar.

They can like or dislike a bunch of different things. Sometimes, it may be out of your control whether or not you can accommodate those preferences. If it’s something like food, though, you can more easily provide it to them and boost their mood a lot more.

Special Beverages

If the other methods aren’t working out fast enough for you, there is one other way you can improve moods instantly — alcohol! You brew up some very special beverages in a Brewing Tank. Unlock it in the Brewing Technique tech branch and then craft it with the following materials:

  • Stone x19
  • Ceramic Mold x2
  • Hardwood Plank x10
  • Clay x48

After you make your Brewing Tank, place it at your camp to start brewing some drinks. You’ll need a few different ingredients for each kind of drink, but they will all boost the same amount of mood. Here’s how to make them:

MezcalAgave Leaf x4
Yeast x2
Cup x1
Fruit WineTree Bark x5
Yeast x2
Cup x1
Wild Fruit, Banana, Pineapple, or Papaya x5
MeadHoney x5
Tree Bark x10
Yeast x4
Cup x1
TequilaAgave Leaf x5
Agave Flower x2
Yeast x4
Cup x1

Then, bring the drink to your Tribesmen and give it to them just like any other consumable item. You’ll see their moods instantly uplift, and it’ll even provide them with a few other beneficial buffs as well, with no side effects!

Mix all these methods together to keep your Tribesmen happy and strong. A happy Tribesmen is a happy clan, as they say (or don’t say).

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