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Soulmask Craftsman's Bench to craft armor mods
Screenshot by GameSkinny

How to Mod Armor in Soulmask (& Best Armor Mods)

Enhance your armor with armor mods!

Along with weapon mods you use to enhance your swords and hammers in Soulmask, you can also craft mods for your armor. These will help you stay even more protected from enemies or dangerous elements around the world. Here’s how to make them and equip them.

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How to Make Armor Mods in Soulmask

To begin crafting armor modifications, you’ll need to unlock them in the Knowledge & Technology menu (T on your keyboard). You can unlock the most basic armor mods in the Medium Craftsmanship tech and the more advanced options in the Advanced Craftsmanship tech.

Once you have those, you’ll have the recipes to start crafting them. However, you’ll also want to ensure you have the right crafting stations. You’ll need the Craftsman’s Bench and the Armor Forging Table to make them all of them. Here’s how to make them using a Building Workshop:

Crafting TableMaterials
Craftsman’s BenchRough Leather x5
Leather Rope x5
Hardwood Plank x5
Stone or Flint x24
Armor Forging TablePlank x19
Leather x10
Thin Rope x10

After you place these crafting benches down at your camp, you can interact with them to see all the mod options you can make. You can press the ‘other’ toggle at the top of the crafting list to narrow it down to just the mods.

Like always, you’ll need the correct ingredients to make the mods. Most of them will require some form of cotton, leather, hides, oils, etc. You’ll want to make sure you have the other crafting benches you need for this, like a Loom and a Tanning Rack. Then, you can start collecting all the items you need.

All Armor Mod Crafting Recipes

All the armor mods are helpful in their own way, providing extra defense or resistance to extreme temperatures or poisons. However, if you’re looking for the very best of armor mods to use, I would recommend the following:

  • Damage Reduction Mod 2
  • Defense Mod 3
  • Gear Durability Mod 2

These are the best mods because they will provide you with the most base protection and keep your gear from breaking a lot longer than the others. They are also the most advanced of the mods, so if you don’t have the means to craft them yet, start from the lesser ones and work your way up.

Here’s how you can make all of them:

Armor ModHow to MakeStatsWhere to Make
Gear Durability Mod 1Raw Lacquer x2
Resin x5
Durability Cost Speed Down: 20%Craftsman’s Bench
Chill Proof Mod 1Yarn x2
Coarse Cotton x1
Beast Fuzz or Feather x4
Chill-Proof: 3Craftsman’s Bench
Heat Proof Mod 1Anaconda Skin x1
Yarn x2
Coarse Cotton x1
Heat-Proof: 5Craftsman’s Bench
Poison Proof Mod 1Coarse Cotton x2
Cooking Oil or Mineral Oil x2
Poison-Proof: 5%Craftsman’s Bench
Sound Mod 1Fiber x5
Yarn x2
Sound Coefficient: -3%Craftsman’s Bench
Concealment Mod 1Clay x2
Fire Ash x2
Concealment: 3Craftsman’s Bench
Defense Mod 1Copper Wire x10
Raw Lacquer or Mineral Oil x2
DEF: 10
Movement SPD: -2%
Sound Coefficient: 5%
Gear Weight: 200%
Lv.1 Armor Forging. Table
Gear Durability Mod 2Mineral Oil x2
Resin x5
Durability Cost Speed Down: 40%Craftsman’s Bench
Chill Proof Mod 2Premium Feather x4
Yarn x2
Fine Cotton x1
Chill-Proof: 6Craftsman’s Bench
Heat Proof Mod 2Asbestos x1
Yarn x2
Coarse Cotton x1
Heat-Proof: 10Craftsman’s Bench
Poison Proof Mod 2Rubber x2
Fine Cotton x2
Poison-Proof: 10%Craftsman’s Bench
Sound Mod 2Yarn x2
Pelt x2
Premium Pelt x2
Delicate Pelt x2
Sound Coefficient: -6%Craftsman’s Bench
Concealment Mod 2Red Paint x5
Green Paint x5
Blue Paint x5
Concealment: 6Craftsman’s Bench
Radiation Proof Mod 1Tin Ingot x2
Silver Ingot x2
Bee Wax x2
Radiation-Proof: 5%Craftsman’s Bench
Radiation Proof Mod 2Rubber x5
Silver Ingot x5
Mineral Oil x2
Bee Wax x2
Radiation-Proof: 10%Craftsman’s Bench
Defense Mod 2Iron Wire x10
Raw Lacquer x2
Mineral Oil x2
DEF: 20
Movement SPD: -2%
Sound Coefficient: 5%
Gear Weight: 200%
Lv.2 Armor Forging Table
Damage Reduction Mod 1Iron Ingot x10
Rubber x5
DMG Reduction: 2.5%
Movement SPD: -2%
Chill-Proof: -2
Heat-Proof: -2
Lv.2 Armor Forging Table
Defense Mod 3Steel Wire x10
Raw Lacquer x3
Mineral Oil x3
DEF: 30
Movement SPD: -2%
Sound Coefficient: -5%
Gear Weight: 200%
Lv.3 Armor Forging Table
Damage Reduction Mod 2Steel Ingot x10
Rubber x5
DMG Reduction: 5%
Movement SPD: -2%
Chill-Proof: -2
Lv.3 Armor Forging Table

How to Equip Armor Mods

Once you have your armor mods made, you can start applying them to your armor. All you need to do is find it in your inventory and then drag it onto the armor you want it to apply to.

When it’s applied, you’ll see the icon on top of your armor icon in your inventory. Just like weapon mods, they don’t last forever. If your armor breaks or you repair the armor, the mod will be removed. You can also only have one mod on it at a time. Once you place the mod, you can’t remove it. If you want to replace it, you can drag a different mod on top of it.

Modding your armor is a great way to stay better protected while you explore the dangerous world. Try to stay stocked up on them so you can keep applying them as much as possible. You can even switch them out to suit your playstyle, concealment for sneaking and hunting, or full defense for raiding a dungeon or barracks. They will help a lot!

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