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How to Unlock Artifact of Spirit in Risk of Rain Returns

Get into the spirit with this RoRR Spirit Artifact unlock guide.

If you want to run faster when low on HP and escape death, then the Spirit Artifact is for you. Here’s how to unlock Artifact of Spirit in Risk of Rain Returns.

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Risk of Rain Returns: How to Unlock Artifact of Spirit

The Spirit Artifact makes it so that you run much faster when your HP is low. It’s unlocked in the Temple of the Elders area, which is the guaranteed fifth level of the game. While it doesn’t require you to reach the Temple in any specific time frame, you do need to spawn in the right variation of the area.

The Artifact is located below the level, across some platforms. You can start looking for it and check to see if you have the right variation by going to the far-right side and taking a leap of faith. If you’re in the right place, you’ll see platforms you can jump across leading left.

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From here, it’s a matter of precise platforming and avoiding any flying enemies that may have followed you. I had to deal with those razor beaks and flying bugs while I was platforming. That’s why I recommend clearing out mobs that are following you first before attempting the platforming challenge.

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There’s no easy way about it, the platforms are narrow and require practice and patience to jump across. Movement boosts will actually hinder you as timing jumps becomes harder. However, movement abilities are a huge boon so I recommend attempting the challenge with survivors like the Loader, Pilot, Huntress, or Miner. Their jumping, grappling, or teleporting skills make certain sections much easier.

Don’t worry if you fall, you’ll just respawn above and can attempt the challenge as long as you like. Once you reach the far-left side of the platforms you’ll see the artifact gate with Spirit awaiting pick-up as in the featured image.

Now you know how to unlock Artifact of Spirit in Risk of Rain Returns. It’s one of those that provides a strict benefit and doesn’t affect the balance of the game that much. That said, it’s usually a huge lifesaver. You can find more RoRR guides right here. We have guides for the Artifact of Glass, Spite, Honor, Command, Sacrifice, and Tempus as well.

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