How to Unlock the Incubator in Palworld

Find out how to get an Egg Incubator in Palworld here.

Egg incubator at a players base in Palworld.
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Palworld brings a creature collector adventure, and the game wouldn’t be complete without the ability to breed and hatch Pal eggs. Thankfully, you can do just that with the Egg Incubator. I’ll tell you how to unlock the Incubator in Palworld here.

How to Get the Incubator in Palworld

You unlock the Egg Incubator through the Technology tree, just like all crafting recipes. However, you must unlock the Incubator within the Ancient Technology category. While you get Technology points as you level, Ancient Technology works a bit differently.

Palworld technology tree.
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  • Reach level 7 within the Technology tree.
  • Defeat a Boss Pal or Syndicate Tower to unlock the Ancient Technology tree.
    • I defeated the Level 11 Chillet to unlock my Egg Incubator. You can find the Chillet boss location marked on the map below.
  • You receive x1 Ancient Technology point for defeating a Boss or Tower.
  • Use x1 Ancient Technology point to unlock the Egg Incubator.
  • Craft an Egg Incubator from your Pal crafting menu.
    • x10 Paldium Fragment
    • x5 Cloth
    • x30 Stone
    • x2 Ancient Civilization Parts

How to Use an Incubator and Hatch Eggs

Eggs incubating in Palworld.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

You come across eggs throughout your time in Palworld. Simply place an egg into the Incubator by interacting with it and selecting it from your inventory. A timer appears that lets you know how long until your egg is ready to hatch. We’ve written a companion guide on how to speed up hatching and make eggs hatch faster.

However, keep it comfortable to speed up the process. An uncomfortable egg will still incubate, but it’ll be at a 50% speed deficit. For instance, I had to craft a campfire next to an egg that was “too cold.” But that’s how to get an Incubator in Palworld. We’ve got plenty more tips and tricks for you to discover at our guides page, like how to rename Pals, how to heal Pal fractures, and more.

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