A ginger named Ginger needs to be found on your search for a bandit with a limp in this Kingdom Come Deliverance story quest!

Kingdom Come Deliverance Ginger in a Pickle Quest Completion Guide

A ginger named Ginger needs to be found on your search for a bandit with a limp in this Kingdom Come Deliverance story quest!

With a host of amazingly titled quests, Kingdom Come: Deliverance will have you traveling across the kingdom of Bohemia tracking down bandits, solving problems, and of course delivering objects as basically a medieval FedEx employee.

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Bestowed by Captain Bernard, Ginger in a Pickle is a main storyline quest that occurs right after previous quest The Hunt Begins. This one tasks you with locating the missing red-haired stablehand creatively named Ginger, who has managed to get himself in a bit of a pickle.

Below, we cover everything you need to know to finish this Kingdom Come Deliverance quest from beginning to end.

Ginger in a Pickle Quest Guide

To figure out where to go in the search for Ginger, chat with the farm master’s wife, Zora, and then talk to stablehand Jakub. Using Speech convinces him to tell you that Ginger is spending time with the Charcoal Burners, who went south, but that he might also have gone north to Uzhitz. 

Forget about Uzhitz, though, and instead head south towards the quest map marker. If you have trouble finding the Burners, they are usually near water, and you can see the smoke rising from their camp.

First up, talk to the Charcoal Burner Spokesman at the first camp. Using Speech convinces him to reveal a second group of Charcoal Burners on your map, and also that other people have been searching for Ginger.

Travel along the path towards the river to find the second group, and again talk to the Charcoal Burner Spokesman to reveal a third group of Charcoal Burners. 

Speaking with a character to determine where to find Ginger in Kingdom Come Deliverance Talking to the Charcoal Burner Spokesman

From there, travel west down the road near the river until coming to a bridge, then keep going west to the left side of the highlighted map area to find the third group. Speak to the Charcoal Burner twins, who will tell you about Ginger if you take care of the two other bandits who have been asking them questions about Ginger’s whereabouts.

Here you’ve got a choice to make. If you are good at Speech, you can lie and convince the Spokesman that you already killed the bandits; otherwise, you need to agree to go take care of them. 

If you are going for the secret Merciful achievement (by completing the game without killing anyone except Runt in the main quest line), obviously you need to lie here and say they are already dead.

If you lie about killing the bandits, you can save some time in getting Ginger out of the pickle in Kingdom Come Deliverance Lying about the bandits (thanks to Timeless Soulja for the screenshot)

If you aren’t any good at persuading, though, it’s time to head southeast back across the river to the bandit camp, found across a fork in the path. You can easily ambush them with a little stealth since they are seated, either using arrows or rushing in on your horse for a quick, brutal battle. Don’t forget you can wait until nighttime to have them be sleeping instead for an even better edge.

Now return to the Burners, and they’ll reveal Ginger is hiding in a hut northeast of their camp towards Uzhitz. If he’s not actually at the hut when you arrive, just wait around for 24 hours or so. Note that sometimes this seems to be bugged and Ginger never shows up, so you may need to reload a save. 

Chat with Ginger to get all the info you need about the limping bandit in Uzhitz. If you want, you can agree to ask the people back at the farm to forgive Ginger for running away. Go back and talk to Captain Bernard and then Zora to complete the quest.

Talk with Ginger and get him out of his Kingdom Come pickle Talking with Ginger

That’s all you need to know to complete the Ginger in a Pickle main story quest. Having trouble with any other aspects of this uniquely realistic RPG? Be sure to check out our other Kingdom Come: Deliverance guides here:

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