Chapter 5-7 of Like a Dragon: Ishin! are home to 17 substories. Here's how to do them all.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Chapter 5 Through 7 Substories Guide

Chapter 5-7 of Like a Dragon: Ishin! are home to 17 substories. Here's how to do them all.

Completing all the substories in Like a Dragon: Ishin! doesn’t just take the time to do them, it can take a bit to hunt down as well. In this guide we’re going to go over all the substories that start in chapters 5 through 7. You don’t have to complete them in a set time, though. These can be completed even up to the end of the game.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin! Chapter 5 Through 7 Substory Guide

8. The Unwilling Courier

Available in: Chapter 5

Location: Shijo Bridge in Rakunai.

How to complete: No matter which option you pick, the courier will run right into you and claim to sprain his ankle. Help him out by delivering his last six letters.

Reward: Gold Seal, 300 virtue

9. Enter the Black Panther Couriers

Available in: Chapter 5

Location: Same place as Substory 8

How to complete: Beat Hoshi in a race to deliver 10 letters. Pretty easy.

Reward: 300 Virtue

10. The Panther’s Leading Man

Available in: Chapter 5, after completing Substory 9

Location: In front of the gate at the north end of Teramachi St, Rakunai

How to complete: Deliver 12 letters before Mikano to win. But there’s still one more race to go.

Reward: 340 Virtue

12. The Hungry Sumo Wrestler

Available in: Chapter 5

Location: Rakunai, on South Teramachi Street, Southeast of Don Quijote

How to complete: You’ll find the sumo wrestler at the intersection of Shinmeicho and South Teramachi Street. Give him some spare food to help him out.

Reward: Bond with Hungry Sumo Wrestler, 150 Virtue

19. Palanquin Paladin

Available in: Chapter 6

Location: Umekojicho, Rakugei, just before South Umekojicho.

How to complete: Noble lady being harassed by a samurai needs help escorting her palanquin. Escort her while protecting the palanquin, and then defeat the troublesome samurai in the final battle.

Reward: Crimson Bead, 350 Virtue

20. Can I quote you on that?

Available in: Chapter 7

Location: Northern East Umekojicho, on the way to Shinmeicho

How to complete: Save this reporter from the ronin chasing him. He’ll ask for an interview at the barracks. Meet him just to the right of the entrance to Shinsengumi HQ, and agree to the interview. Offer the following responses to his questions:

  1. “It’s my duty, nothing more.”
  2. “Go home and be family men.”
  3. “Sharp and skilled.”
  4. “It’s a path to true strength.”
  5. “Maintain your innocence.”

Reward: Eye of the Dragon, 300 Virtue

23. Bluffin’ Up the Wrong Alley

Available In: Chapter 6

Location: In front of the Gambling Den in Sannocho, Rakunai

How to complete: A gambler is being harassed. Step up to defend him, and you’ll be joined by Okita. You won’t have to fight, but you’ll progress the Substory. Return to this spot later and talk to the gambler, then head  to Mukurogui. Talk to the person next to Mukurogai entrance inside Mukurogai. Win the fight that follows (and watch a very enjoyable cutscene) to finish the Substory.

Reward: 350 Virtue

24. The Panthers’ Playmaker

Available In: Chapter 5, after completing substory 10

Location: Triggered by heading to villa Ryoma shares with Haruka in Another Life. 

How to complete: You’ll get a letter with a challenge from Inamoto. Head to the lower bridge in Rakugai, in Sannocho. Beat Inamoto by delivering 12 letters faster than him.

Reward: 360 Virtue

26. The Battered Defender

Available in: Chapter 5

Location: South Umekojicho, just before you get to Fushimi

How to complete: Talk to the suspicious looking man. Once he gets beaten up trying to defend a lady, offer him some medicine.

Reward: Bond with Battered Defender, 150 Virtue

31. Brawler Incarnate

Available In: Chapter 6, complete Substory 30

Location: Mukurogai First Floor, west of Paradise, same place as 30

How to complete: The brawler once again demands satisfaction. Give it to him.

Reward: 350 Virtue

33. Fallen Warrior’s Ghost/Night of the Living Rumor 

Available: Chapter 7

Location: East Mukurogai, on the banks of the Kamo River

How to complete:  You’ll overhear two guys talking about a fallen warrior who haunts swordsmen at night. Return at night ready to square up.

Reward: Nishikigoi Amulet, 350 Virtue

42. Invasion of the Black Ships?

Available in: Chapter 7

Location: The docks in South Sushimi Ichibangai Fushimi; you’ll overhear two men talking about black ships.

How to complete: Talk to the people around you to help our seasick foreigner. One of the guys standing behind you will suggest sake. Try it. Unsurprisingly, that doesn’t work. The woman on the left side of the street, just north of our seasick friend, will suggest sweating it out…by fighting. Try it. This, surprising no one, also doesn’t work. Head towards Teradaya in Shinmachi to find an older man watching all of this from afar. He suggests umeboshi. Buy some from the Ichikura General Store. That works, but be ready for a fight afterwards.

Reward: Precise Machinery, 350 Virtue

48. The Way of the Sammerai

Available in: Chapter 6, during the day.

Location: The northern corner in front of the Sengoku Residence. Look for the foreigner dressed in an American flag kimono surrounded by some kids.

How to complete: Agree to train Tom, a well-meaning American who wants to be a “sammerai.” Return to the dojo later, once the Substory map icon appears next to the dojo. Fight him again, then kill some time until he returns to the dojo (look for the Substory map icon). Return to the dojo and fight him again. Afterwards, head to the south end of Fushimi Ichibangai, where you’ll see a cutscene involving Tom, some kids, and several very hostile samurai. Finish this last encounter to complete the Substory.

Rewards: 400 virtue, Tom’s Epic Trooper Card next time you go to Shinsengumi HQ

49. Last Stand of the Panthers

Available in: Chapter 5, after completing Substory 24

Location: Outside Teradaya; look for a courier speaking to two women.

How to complete: Beat Takeda to 12 deliveries to win. This is the hardest, so use your map to plan your route. He might get stuck running in circles (he did for me), if you’re lucky.

Reward: Great Serpent Skin, 400 virtue

60. It’s What’s on the Inside

Available in: Chapter 5

Location: Western Mibu; walk past Otake Tea Parlor

How to complete: The Substory will trigger after you hear a woman scream. Speak to the samurai who saves her afterwards. Once you’re finished, head to the riverbank between the two bridges in Rakunai. You’ll get a conversation prompt. Choose “Have faith in Suzu.” Finally, head back to the shrine in western Mibu ready to throw down.

Reward: Gion Hood, 400 Virtue

63. The Boy Who Cried Bear

Available in: Chapter 5, finish “It’s What’s on the Inside”

Location: Western Mibu, near Shrine

How to complete: Listen to the boy’s story and fight the bear. Yes, it’s an actual bear. He’s kinda tough, so come prepared.

Reward: Inviting Hat, 350 Virtue

70. The Captain and the Curious

Available in: Chapter 5

Location: Fushimi, Ichibangai; the unnamed izakaya north of Umai Udon.

How to complete: Drink with Satow, a foreigner with deep respect for Japan. After a while, you’ll end up in Rakugai. A fight breaks out. Win it.

After this Substory, you’ll notice a new collectible scattered throughout the map: Memoirs. Like Prize Tickets, they appear as glowing items on the ground. There’s 26 of them in all, and you’ll need to collect them to finish all of the Substories, so keep an eye out for them as you wander around Kyo.

Reward: 300 Virtue, access to Memoirs

That covers all of the substories available in Chapter 5 through 7. If you’ve been following our guides, you’ll have completed 68 of them. Only 4 more to go. For more on Like a Dragon: Ishin!, check out our guides hub.

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