My Hero Ultra Rumble: Ochaco Uraraka Guide

She might be buggy, but you can be a Uravity master in MHUR with this guide.

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My Hero Ultra Rumble has a decent variety of heroes and villains to play, each with their own distinct quirks. One character that’s available immediately to check out is Ochaco Uraraka from Class 1-A, also known as Uravity. The gravity-based power user is a big help to any team albeit at the expense of being a complex character. This is our Ochaco Uraraka guide for My Hero Ultra Rumble.

My Hero Ultra Rumble – Ochaco Uraraka Guide

Low HP and a unique movement mechanic make this a less-than-friendly hero for beginners, not unlike Himiko Toga for the villains. Investing time to learn her does result in a character that hits hard and glides across the battlefield though. We’ve broken down which skills to focus upgrading on, the best skill cards to acquire, and some general tips for how to play her. Use the below links to skip straight to a section.

Ochaco Uraraka Skills

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Quirk Skills

  • Zodiac Wire: Long-range wire projectiles that damage enemies and can be used to grapple onto the environment or enemies when shot in mid-air.
  • Home Run Comet: Brings up debris to use in a spinning melee attack that continues for a few seconds as long as it’s held down. The rubble is thrown forward once the skill runs out of time or if you release the button early.
  • Nebulous Space: Floats debris high up in the air within a select zone in front of you. Any enemies caught within the zone will also float upwards. Click the button again to slam it all towards the ground.

Special Action

  • Zero Gravity: Apply a lighter sense of gravity upon yourself or an ally for a small amount of time.

Which Skills to Upgrade

We highly recommend upgrading her Home Run Comet and Nebulous Space skills as these will be your main sources of damage. Both of these increase in size at levels four and nine, making it much easier to hit multiple opponents.

Zodiac Wire should be leveled up last because it will primarily be used for movement and combo extensions. Leveling it up to increase power and reload speed is helpful, but not as much as the others will be. This projectile skill is also buggy in the first build of the game, with grapple shots sometimes not registering correctly.

Which Skill Cards Work Best for Uraraka

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The best skill cards to pick up as Ochaco Uraraka are the Red Strike cards that increase attack power and Purple Technical cards that increase reload speed. Both of these will help her when it comes to dealing damage while the latter ensures she has access to her Zodiac Wire grapple more often.

If you’re just starting out using her and find yourself getting downed often, consider the Yellow Assault cards that increase defense. Just like Tsuyu Asui, Uraraka has the lowest HP at 250. Once you’ve become more comfortable with the hero and her movement, you can focus on more offensive-based skill cards.

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Tips on How to Play Uraraka

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  • Apply Zero Gravity on yourself and then use Zodiac Wire for incredible movement speed. Use these in conjunction to escape a fight or rush to your teammate’s aid. We’ve also found this to be a great way to pick up character badges in order to revive them. You’ll be able to zip past nearby enemies or even reach far outside of the closing ring and back before taking much damage.
  • Close the distance on enemies with Zodiac Wire. The range of this skill goes far, making it a great way to continue dishing hits on any fleeing opponents.
  • Use Home Run Comet to deal damage to multiple enemies whenever you have the chance. Whether someone is trying to assist their teammate or if they’re close together during a fight, this skill will take a big chunk out of their guard points and/or health.
  • Home Run Comet works for three hits, after which the enemies can be invulnerable. If the enemy is constantly jumping back into action or if there are multiple enemies, feel free to keep spinning. It might be otherwise better worth your time to let the button go once three hits have landed.
  • Nebulous Space works best against unsuspecting enemies or to start combos. Using this from afar or up high can be disorienting for your opponents, who won’t know where it came from. In one-on-one fights, this serves as a great combo opener. Just make sure to properly lead with it if your opponent is on the move in either case.
  • Try not to use Nebulous Space in the middle of a large-scale fight. The time to cast it will leave you open to attacks and you’ll likely only be aiming it towards a single enemy. It’s still a great opener if you decide to third party other teams in the middle of a skirmish though.

That covers our Ochacho Uraraka guide for My Hero Ultra Rumble. If you want to know our suggestions for heroes and villains you should try, our character tier list can help. For other tips and tricks, check out our MHUR guides page.

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