Starmetal is vital for mid-game crafting in New World. Our guide will show you the best places to farm it and how to craft with it.

New World Starmetal Farming & Crafting Guide

Starmetal is vital for mid-game crafting in New World. Our guide will show you the best places to farm it and how to craft with it.

Starmetal is an essential crafting resource you’ll need to farm in New World. For the majority of your early time in Amazon’s MMO, you’ll be using gear upgraded by steel, fae iron, or something similar. When you reach the mid-game, between levels 30-45, you need something with a little more power.

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You’ll find the power in Starmetal, a blue, glowing ore you’ll need to make Tier 4 equipment of all kinds, and a crafting resource that takes a significant grind to unlock.

In this help guide, we’ll go over where to find Starmetal in Aeternum and what you can craft with it. We’ll also give you some quick farming tips.

Where to Find Starmetal in New World

A map of New World's Aeternum showing starmetal farming locations.

Starmetal is a higher-level resource, so you won’t find much of it in any of the introductory areas or territories. There is the odd vein of if it in Everfall, Windsward, and First Light, but not nearly enough to make anything.

The earliest opportunity you have to find a good amount of the material is in the northeastern mountains of the Brightwood region. There are additional pockets in the hills to the southwest and some almost straight west, but the highest concentration exists to the east.

Weaver’s Fen also has a good concentration of Starmetal along the large bridge along the main road to the town, but it’s a well-traveled portion of the map, so don’t expect it to be a strong source.

Your best bet to finding a lot of Starmetal is in the Great Cleave region, just north of Brightwood. The mountains are teeming with ore, with the resource living at the region’s heart and northwest along the cliffs.

The only issue here is the difficulty: Great Cleave is a level 41-50 area. Being much lower than that will see enemies sending you back to a respawn point time and again.

Additionally, you’ll want to have at least a Steel Mining Pick, as Starmetal takes some work to extract from ore veins. You could also purchase a Starmetal Pick, but you need to be Level 40 to even use the thing.

What Can You Craft With Starmetal?

Beyond the base Level 40 requirement for using Starmetal equipment, earning the ability to craft with it takes time as well.

You’ll need to be Level 100 in the following five skills:

  • Mining: You raise this skill by, well, mining, and you can use our Iron Ore guide to find the best places to farm Iron because you’re going to need a lot of it to make the Iron and Steel gear to increase other necessary skills.
  • Smelting: Used for making Starmetal ingots, you gain experience in this skill for creating ingots of any kind from ore. You need Steel ingots and any type of Flux in addition to Starmetal ore.
  • Weaponsmithing/Armoring: Your best bet to leveling these skills is to combine the Town Armament and Armor Orders with copious amounts of crafting Steel and Iron gear, salvaging it, then repeating the process. You can also use Linen, Sateen, and other materials at an Outfitting station to increase your Armoring skill. For Weaponsmithing, you can also focus on Void Metal, Fae Iron, and Expedition-specific gear, though expect to do some additional farming for those.
  • Engineering: This one isn’t as difficult, as almost everything at the workbench uses Engineering, and a few weapons do as well, specifically the Musket and Hatchet, among others. Axes and other tools are also almost always in high demand at the Trading Post, so you can make some money as you grind, which is always nice.

You’ll need mining to get the resource, smelting to get ingots, weaponsmithing/armoring for Starmetal weapons, and engineering for Starmetal harvesting tools.

On top of the skills you need, getting to Starmetal crafting takes a lot of materials, from wood and ore to ingots and Flux. You’re likely to make hundreds of Iron and Steel ingots on your way to Level 100 in most of the above skills, and you’ll need even more of them to acquire a full kit of Starmetal equipment, depending on your build.

How to Farm Starmetal in New World

The tips we outlined in our Iron Ore guide hold true here, but there are a couple of other steps you can take to take your mining to the next level.

Start by crafting a Starmetal Mining Pick. Players in Levels 40 and above will be trying to snap up this valuable resource the same as you, so the faster you can make it through a vein, the faster you can move on to the next and outspeed the competition.

Upgrade your mining yield with 150 Strength and Proficiency potions and get some gathering speed buffs from reputation and gear effects. Then, head to your farming location of choice and make a loop.

For Great Cleave, start at the northwestern-most portion of the ore vein trail and make your way southeast. Continue traveling along the mountains northward, making your way along the cliffs back to the northwest.

Provided you haven’t gained some unwanted company, by the time you make it back to your starting point, the Starmetal should have respawned, or will soon. The same strategy applies for Brightwood, though you’re likely to have many more guests getting in the way.

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And that’s that on how to find and farm Starmetal in New World. Now that you know where to find it and know the levels at which you must be to craft with it, you’ll have some of the best mid-game equipment in Aeternum. For more, consider clicking the links above, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, head over to our New World guides hub!

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