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Palia: How to Attract the Kitsuu to Your Home Plot

You'll need to complete a couple tasks to get the legendary Kitsuu visit your home in Palia.

If you want to meet the once-fabled Kitsuu in Palia, you’ll need to attract it to your home plot. That’s easier said than done, as a simple invitation won’t do for this mystical guest. With a special customization item needed, you’ll have to work for this visitor. Here’s how to attract the Kitsuu to your home plot in Palia.

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How to Attract the Kitsuu to Your Home Plot in Palia

For the Kitsuu to visit your home plot, you’ll need to have the Ancient Rock Garden item. To get this, you need to complete all four Vault of the Flames bundles. This makes sense since it’s found in the Temple of the Flames, and its story is told throughout the ruins.

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Sear-Chef Bundle

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Emberseeker Bundle

Flamerod Bundle

Brightbug Bundle

  • Paper Lantern Bug x1
  • Bahari Glowbug x1
  • Spitfire Cicada x1
  • Firebreathing Dragonfly x1

Once all of the bundles are complete, you’ll be rewarded the Ancient Rock Garden customization item. Place this item on your home lot, and the Kitsuu will visit you once a day. While it’s visiting, it will leave you an item. This can only happen once a day, and like other daily tasks, resets at 9 p.m. PST.

Potential Kitsuu Rewards

This is a work in progress. When we have a list of items the Kitsuu can leave, we’ll update this section.

That’s how to attract the Kitsuu to your home plot in Palia. While it can take some time to complete all the bundles, it’s well worth it to have this little visitor. Tau will forever try to visit you to see his crush, as well. For more on the Temple of the Flames, how to complete Tau’s friendship quests, or where to find the Flametongue Ray, check out our Palia guide vault.

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