Palia: How to Complete Open the Door

To get into the next set of ruins in Palia, you'll need to solve a riddle or two.

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Ruins and riddles seem to go hand in hand in Palia. The second ruin is waiting for you behind a door inscribed with cryptic clues. It starts with you obtaining broken key fragments, but this quest presents a challenge for just about everyone who plays. Here’s how to complete the Open the Door quest in Palia.

How to Complete Open the Door in Palia

To begin the Open the Door quest, you must have found the broken key fragment while mining, given it to Jina afterward. Wait a couple days then speak with her to follow up on the key. She’ll tell you that Hekla finished fixing it, but the door still won’t open. This door is bound with a riddle, much like the water ruins were in the Ancient Battery quest. The riddle is in ancient human, so she wants you to have a go at answering it.

How to Solve the First Riddle

The riddle she gives you is:

There is a house. One enters it knowing all and leaves knowing nothing.

You’re given two choices to pick from as an answer to the riddle. The correct option is number two, a school. She thinks you’re correct and will update you if it works.

How to Solve the Second Riddle

A day or so later, you’ll recieve a letter in the mail from Jina. A school is the correct answer to the first riddle, but there’s a second riddle you need to solve. Speak with Jina to get the full details. This one goes:

The key you hold shows a thirst for knowledge, but the next clue for entering these hallowed doors requires a thirst for something more.

Asking you what it means, you want to go with option number two again.

The riddle is pointing you somewhere with water or a place you go to quench your thirst. I originally thought this meant the tavern, since you go there to get drinks, but nothing looks out of place at Ormuu’s Horn. I ran all over looking at wells, the library books, and ponds. You name it, I searched it.

Finally, I went back to the town square and realized I didn’t search the centerpiece at all. The statue in the center is a former fountain similar to the smaller structure found behind the village. Search the base until you can read an inscription, which completes this step of Open the Door.

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How to Solve the Third Riddle

Unfortunately for those that don’t like riddles, the inscription that’s on the fountain points you to yet another task. It reads:

In figuring out the clue rests in this fountain, you deserve much congratulations. But gaining entrance to the library requires passing but one final test. You must find a stone that represents the sands of time. Slip that gem into the hilt of your key, and you shall have your revelry.

Thankfully, this riddle is a bit easier to solve. A stone that represents the sands of time is a Pearl, formed as an oysters processes sand over time. If you don’t already have one, head to the Bahari Bay coast to find Unopened Oysters. There’s a chance whenever you open one that it’ll contain a pearl. You may have to open a few to obtain it, but once you do you can head to Jina to insert it in the key.

For completing the final riddle, Jina gives you Spice Sprouts x25. You also get 25 Renown, the key and an improved friendship with her.

Head Into the Ruins

What you thought may have been a school is actually a library. Entering the ruin you’ll be greeted with rows and rows of books. Speaking with Jina or Hekla while inside doesn’t give you a new quest or progress any of the main story. For now, you can just explore the vast shelves until another discovery is made.

That’s how to complete the Open the Door quest in Palia. For other quest walkthroughs, such Lost in the Wind, or how to find various fish, check out our expanding Palia guides library.

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