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Palia: Secret Secrets Quest Walkthrough Guide

Becoming friends with Tish means uncovering secrets in Palia. Here's our full walkthrough for her Secret Secrets quest.

Friendship quests are special missions activated when you reach a new level of Friendship with a villager. This is how to complete Tish’s Level 3 Friendship quest, Secret Secrets, in Palia.

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Tish’s Friendship Quest Secret Secrets Complete Walkthrough

Secret Secrets is Tish’s Level 3 Friendship quest. While Reth has been out working multiple jobs, Tish has been sitting at home worried about him. Wondering why he hasn’t told her the truth, she asks you to help uncover what he’s hiding from her.

The key to completing this quest is getting to know Reth up to his Level 3 Friendship quest, Piece of Cake. Can’t befriend one sibling without the other, especially when they’re close like these two. His quest reveals what he’s doing after hours and why, along with him asking you not to tell Tish.

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The fastest way to increase friendship is to give the villagers their weekly wants, their Starstone, and speak with them every Palian day. It may take some time if you haven’t been chatting Reth up before this.

Once you’ve completed Reth’s quest, return to Tish to give her the details. When I received Secret, Secrets from Tish, I had already maxed out his friendship, so I was able to respond to her quest right away. At this point, you can either tell her the truth behind his late-night activities or lie to her. Since I’m a Reth fan, I lied to her. While your decision doesn’t change the outcome of the quest, or Tish’s next Friendship-level adventure, it does change some of the text in a letter she eventually sends.

That’s how to complete Secret, Secrets in Palia. Whether you’re looking to romance Tish, or just enjoy befriending everyone in Kilima Valley, completing this quest gives you more insight into the underbelly of the village. For more quest walkthroughs, what every villager’s weekly wants are, or our all hidden quests list, head over to our extensive guides library.

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