Quivern Location — Where to Find a Quivern in Palworld: Quivern Location, Weaknesses, and More

Quivern is one of the better early-game Dragon-type Pals you can capture in Palworld. Here's how.

A Quivern Pal snoozing in their dungeon in Palworld
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One of the earliest available Dragon-type pals in Palworld, Quivern is also one of the best all-around additions you can make to either your team or your base, or even both. Knowing where to find and how to catch Quivern can make the early to mid-game of Palworld much more comfortable.

Where to Find Quivern in Palworld

Where to find Quivern on the Palworld map
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For only being a level 23 boss, Quivern is pretty far from the starting zone in Palworld. Reaching it doesn’t take too much effort, though. All you need to do is head northwest from where you spawn until you reach the desert called the Twilight Dunes. On the way, you’ll pass the Azurobe boss in the water, and you’ll need to steer clear of the Anubis boss in the Desert. Quivern is in the forests west of the desert in a Dungeon called the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant.

The Dungeon where you can find Quivern in Palworld
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There are two caveats to finding Quivern in Palworld. First, the Pals around it are no less than level 15 or so, which shouldn’t be a problem if you’re prepared to fight it at level 23. Second, if you’re using the desert as a waypoint, watch out for Anubis: it’s level 47 and can easily one-shot both you and your team.

How to Catch Quivern in Palworld: Weaknesses and Which Spheres to Use

Starting a fight with Quivern in Palworld
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Of course, finding Quivern is only the first piece of the puzzle. The second is actually catching it, and there are a few steps you can take to make the process easier:

  • Bring a Pal with Ice-type moves. Like in that other monster-catching game (what was it called again?), Dragon Pals like Quivern are weak to Ice moves, but only Ice moves, and they’re strong against Dragon moves. Pals like Chillet, Sweepa, Mau Cryst, and Penking can do well against them. That said, if you have higher-level Pals that don’t have ice moves and that aren’t Dragon-type, use those, as the damage multiplier for being more powerful than your opponent is plenty.
  • Equip your best weapon, shields, and armor. Quivern has three powerful moves that, if unprotected, will send you back to the respawn screen. Make sure the weapon and armor you’re using are the latest and greatest you’ve unlocked in the technology tree. Armor and shields are especially useful, as they can give you a few precious seconds to get out of Quivern’s fire breath. For the green attack, you can simply walk perpendicular to the boss and it should miss altogether.
Attempting to catch a Quivern in Palworld
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  • Use Giga Spheres or Hyper Spheres if you have them. Despite its relatively low level, Quivern is still very difficult to actually catch, even with increased Capture Power. I put one of my catches at less than 1% HP and still only managed around a 20% catch chance with a Giga Sphere. That meant I needed to through about ten of them to even get the first wobble. If you’ve progressed far enough to have unlocked Hypher Spheres, I highly recommend using those, as at the same HP values, my starting catch chance was around 30%.
  • Withdraw Your Pal when Quivern Has less than 200 HP. Catching any boss in Palworld requires that you don’t accidentally KO the thing. While you can command your Pals not to attack, fiddling with the menus is worse than simply pressing a button to bring your fighting Pal off the field. At a low attack stat like the one I’m running, even a regular Handgun only does about 30 damage or so to the boss-level Quivern, meaning I can plink away at its health bar without worrying too much about an accidental knock-out.

As you continue to progress and level up, you can make battling Quivern a regular part of your gameplay, as it provides good EXP, Ancient Civilization Parts, and High Quality Pal Oil. You can even use the Pal Essence Condenser to improve the best version of Quivern you capture, turning an already great Pal into something truly special.

With Quivern in your collection, you can put them to work in your base or as a core member of your exploration team. If you also have a Chillet and can make Cake, you can get the two Pals to breed an effectively endless supply of Anubis Pals that can not only inherit their parent’s Passive Skills but their moves as well.

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