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Fabio Mondadori at Quentino's Nightclub in Atlantic City.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Regent of the Dead Walkthrough and Decision Guide in Fallout 76

Learn more about The Family in Fallout 76's Atlantic City in Regent of the Dead.

Along with the rest of the Atlantic City expeditions and the main storyline, there are a few side quests you can discover in the America’s Playground update. One of these is Regent of the Dead, which digs up some dirt on the Lombardi Family. This is the full Regent of the Dead walkthrough and decision guide in Fallout 76.

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Fallout 76 Regent of the Dead Quest Walkthrough

To begin Regent of the Dead, you need to head to Whitespring Resort. If you’re at the beginning of the Russo questline, you’ll end up here, so you can start that first and then wait until the quest prompts you to speak with Orlando.

Whitespring Resort Atlantic City travel booth with help wanted bulletin board.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Head to the central area where the Atlantic City travel booth has been set up. You’ll notice a new bulletin board has been attached to the wall, with some flyers on it. You want to interact with the simple one, which brings up a wanted ad for security.

The Regent of the Dead side quest will be added to your journal. The next step is to head to Atlantic City, which is accessed through the Map, then select the Expeditions menu.

Get Into Quentino’s Night Club

You need to find Fabio Mondadori in Quentino’s Night Club, which is located in the Casino Quarter. You can head here during an actual expedition, but you may want just to visit the area so you have time to complete all objectives without being rushed to finish the expedition requirements.

There are three ways to enter Quentino’s: The front door, through the basement of the Neapolitan Casino, or the rooftop access. If you’ve done the expedition Tax Evasion, you’ll know where to find Quentino’s as well as the basement access point. Heading through the roof will cause you to encounter two Lesser Devils that consistently spawn there.

Quentino's Nightclub exterior in Atlantic City's Casino Quarter.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Once inside the nightclub, head to the top floor to find Fabio. The quest marker will point the way to a private area where he’s sitting surrounded by guards. Answer his questions to take on the assignment to deal with a local group of thugs shaking down casino customers.

This is the first part of the quest, allowing you to prove your experience and unlock the real point of the wanted ad. I ended up talking to the leader and getting them to stop attacking people while you can kill them. This decision doesn’t impact the rest of the quest.

When finished, report back to Fabio. He’ll congratulate you and finally tell you what the real point of his asking for help is: to discover what’s actually happened to Don Quentino Lombardi. If Quentino has died, he’s looking to become the next don of the Lombardi Family.

Neapolitan Casino

Now you need to check up on Concerta Lombardi, Quentino’s sister. She’s taken over the operation of the Family in Quentino’s name, claiming he’s fallen ill. Go to the Neapolitan Casino to search her room, which is guarded and locked.

Two guards in front of Concerta Lombardi's room at the Neapolitan Casino in Atlantic City.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

You’ll need to kill off the two guards first, then pick the lock or find the key. The lock is level 3, so you’ll need the perks to get into her room that way. Otherwise, you’ll need to find the key, which is in Billy Beltbuckle’s office in the basement area. You’ll need to kill the Overgrown that broke in to reach his office and the key.

Find the Evidence

Once inside her room, you must find five pieces of evidence showing what happened to Quentino. At this point, you may encounter a few more guards.

  • Gift Box, located in the fridge.
  • A stack of books is on the bookshelf to the right of Concerta’s computer.
  • Caged Candle in the birdcage on the living room table.
  • Addictol found on the bathroom shower floor.
  • A shattered mirror hanging on the bedroom wall on the left and right when you enter.

When you’ve collected all the pieces, you’ll be directed to investigate the piano in the living room area. You’ll acquire the Change of Plans note, which you need to read to continue the quest. This note finally tells us where Quentino is, which is in the ‘guestroom’ behind his office.

To the Don’s Office

Unlike Concerta’s room, the don’s office is completely unguarded and unlocked. To find it, head through the employee-only double doors on the casino floor. Inside, you’ll discover a Strange Bookcase with a pin pad next to it.

The hardest part of this next section of the quest is trying to figure out what the code to open the bookcase door is. Looking around the office, you’ll find a note Billy left for himself stating that the code is the first letter of the poem that matches the tax records. The poem, though, isn’t so obvious.

The poem is in the note “In the Details” found on top of the typewriter. Disregard the first paragraph, as the actual lines start with “The blood.” The first letters of each sentence give you T, P, H, D, S.

To match the letters up to tax records, boot up the computer and load Tax Records. T equals six, P equals eight, H is four, D is nine, and S equals two. The pinpad code is 68492.

Inside, you’ll find Quentino’s body, as well as a Physician’s Note detailing what happened. This is the final piece of evidence Fabio is looking for. Under Quentino’s body is a letter To Tony. This gives you a hint when it comes to the Russo questline and the source of Devil’s Blood.

When it’s time to return to Fabio, you’ll run into Concerta unless you sneak your way past her. At this point, you have a decision to make:

  • Side with Concerta
  • Side with Fabio
  • Walk away
  • Pick Concerta without killing Fabio.

If you pick Fabio, you’ll need to kill Concerta. Side with Concerta, you’ll have to kill Fabio. If you convince her that she doesn’t need to off Fabio, he’ll just plot how to kill her himself. If you walk away, nothing gets resolved, but you get better options to do away with Concerta. Even still, when you return to Fabio, you can rat her out.

The quest will be completed depending on which way you choose. This affects who remains in Atlantic City for the future and who gets to lead to Family.

That’s the full Regent of the Dead walkthrough and decision guide in Fallout 76. For more quest walkthroughs, head to our Fo76 guide vault.

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