Starfield: All Bars, Ranked

Of the many bars in Starfield, some are better than the rest.

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Just like real life, bars in Starfield are as varied as the locations they’re found in. Filled with eclectic patrons, waiting companions, and potential quests, bars are the place to go for information. Not all are created equal, with some offering more than just drinks and food. These are all the bars in Starfield ranked from best to worst.

All Bars in Starfield Ranked

There are a variety of bars throughout the Settled Systems. The place to go to hire crew members for your ship, most of them are found in the four large cities. There are a handful littered throughout the smaller settlements, however.

The Red Mile

The bar at the Red Mile is easily my favorite spot to post up. Not only is it easy to reach, but they sell a wide variety of alcohol you can’t get anywhere else. The main draw is the acceptance of contraband items, and since Porrima isn’t affiliated with the Freestar Collective or UC, you also don’t have to worry about beating a scan when entering the system. This makes it extremely easy to sell off your contraband before heading to other places. The merchant also has a starting limit of 11,000 credits and sells weapons and ammo.

The Viewport Tavern

The Viewport Tavern in New Atlantis is most likely the first bar you can visit in Starfield. It’s close to the starport, has a variety of unique companions you can hire, and offers an available side quest. If you rescue some NPCs, such as Rafael, they’ll make the Viewport their home, allowing you to find them more easily.

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Last Nova

The Last Nova is the bar of the Crimson Fleet. It’s a rowdy place that accepts contraband and has the unique drink Bog’s Grog. You can also get a quest from Bog. The one downside is you have to be aligned with the Crimson Fleet, or you only have access to this location during your undercover time.

Broken Spear

Much like the Viewport, the Broken Spear acts as a stopping point for rescued companions. This includes Lin and Moara. There’s a variety of quests that can be picked up from here, as well as one of the evidence slates for Burden of Proof being located there.

Madame Sauvage’s Place

Neon City. The Las Vegas of Starfield. Madame Sauvage’s Place is found in Ebbside, and acts as the base of operations for the Ebbside Strikers. You can buy Aurora from the proprietor, as well as Velocity, a liquor that boosts Persuasion. It’s featured in a variety of questlines in Neon, as well as the faction stories for Ryujin and the Crimson Fleet.

Astral Lounge

The Astral Lounge is the main draw for Neon City and the only location that legally sells Aurora. It’s a pulsing nightclub filled with zoned-out patrons. There are a variety of VIP rooms to explore. The bartender is the one who sells you the Penthouse Suite in the Trade Tower as well. Conveniently, the mission board and bounty clearance kiosks are located right at the entrance.

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Hitching Post

The Hitching Post is the main stop for thirsty visitors to Akila City. Located on the right, when you enter town from the starport, it has the mission board and bounty clearance kiosks. It’s also the waiting area for a couple of companions.

Pit Stop

The Pit Stop is the local bar of HopeTown and one of the only other businesses in the settlement. What boosts this watering hole up the list is its inclusion of Phil from L.I.S.T., as well as the Trade Authority agent who hangs out there. There’s a slate for Burden of Proof to be found here, too.


While Euphorika is a location where you can buy Aurora, you need to pay the base rate of 5,000 credits to get access to the rest of the bar. It’s a rather lackluster location that’d be ranked lower if not for its chem availability.

The Rock

The Rock is like a typical bar, but it’s found in the headquarters of the Freestar Rangers. You’ll find Ranger Wilcox here, as well as Diego, who heads up the more detailed mission board quests. The only mission board kiosk for the rangers in Akila City is here, as well.

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Aggie’s is found in the Stretch of Akila City. While it doesn’t offer much in the way of aid, it’s the hangout for two hirable, unique companions. It’s also a location during Andreja’s companion mission.

Lizzy’s Bar

If you’re looking for a place to let off some steam on Gagarin, Lizzy’s Bar in Gagarin Landing is as good a place as any. You pick up an interesting side quest from here as well as evidence for Burden of Proof. With no kiosk and little to do in the settlement as a whole, the only real draw is to hire Jessamine if the Last Nova is no longer an option for you.


Jake’s is located in the The Well of New Atlantis. It’s pretty easy to overlook, but Jake’s Stout is needed for a quick side quest. There are no kiosks there and no unique companions. Other places around this part of the city have more to offer with higher merchant balances, such as the Trade Authority.

The Den

The Den bar is by far the saddest bar in all of Starfield. There’s only one generic companion, there are no kiosks to be found, and the only side quest is to put up posters of a highly divisive member of the UC military.

Those are all the bars in Starfield ranked from best to worst. For more on the side quests, other locations in the area, or how to find certain resources, check out our guides hub.

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