Starfield: Can You Have Two Crew Members Follow You?

Having a posse of companions in Starfield would level relationships much faster.

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If you think you need extra backup in Starfield, having a companion with you is sure to even the playing field. There are so many good choices for a companion that it can be hard to decide just who you want to travel with you. Can you have two crew members follow you in Starfield? Here’s the answer.

Can You Have Two Companions Follow You in Starfield

Unfortunately, you can only have one companion of your choice accompany you on your adventures. Technically (more on this in just a bit). But whether you can’t decide between Sam Coe and Sarah Morgan — or really like the idea of traveling with your crew — if you’re trying to invite two people with you, it just won’t work.

How to Remove and Dismiss Companions

Once you have one active companion, you’ll need to dismiss them or anger them to the point that they leave on their own. This means you’ll need to switch out companions if you’re trying to romance them all or increase friendship to access their unique companion mission. While you can achieve this just by talking to companions after a major story event, you won’t get the additional boost from choosing dialogue options they align with.

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Temporary Companions Explained

The exception to this is mission-specific companions. These temporary companions join you for a specific mission in addition to your active travel buddy. This is the only way to have two crew members follow you in Starfield. This occurs when you rescue Barrett, meet up with Andreja, and during a handful of other side quests. Many of these assigned companions aren’t recruitable and will go back to their normal routine once the quest is complete.

So no, you can’t choose two active companions in Starfield, but there are circumstances where two crewmates may end up traveling with you. For more on companions, as well as those for romance, companion mission walkthroughs, and more, check out our guides library.

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