Starfield: Top 10 Best Apparel Pieces Detailed

Equip your character with the best possible apparel in Starfield using our Top 10 list.

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There are hundreds of various outfits and apparel pieces in Starfield that grant a plethora of useful bonuses. Of course, the most valuable apparel pieces are those that protect you the best or provide the best utility. Our guide will provide you with a list of the Top 10 best apparel pieces in Starfield, including tips on how to get them.

Top 10 Best Apparel Pieces in Starfield

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Here’s a quick breakdown of the Top 10 best apparel pieces in Starfield:

First Officer Outfit

The First Officer Outfit not only looks intimidating but also grants a 5% intimidation chance and the highest possible protection from physical (15) and energy (25) damage. On top of that, it protects you from Corrosion (10) and Radiation (10). It’s the all-around best choice out of Starfield apparel pieces right now.

  • How to get First Officer Outfit:
    1. Speak to Daniel in Akila City, Akila.
    2. Start the “Deputized” faction mission for Freestar Collective.
    3. Defeat the Ruffian Leader at the Waggoner Farm.
    4. First Officer Outfit is a rare drop, so save and repeat until you get one.

First Soldier Outfit

While the First Officer Outfit is primarily focused on energy defense, the First Soldier Outfit is all about physical defense (25) with a 5% boost to your reload speed. It also has higher protection from Radiation (15) than the First Officer Outfit. But all-in-all, both bits of clothing provide some of the highest protection in the game.

  • How to get First Soldier Outfit:
    1. Speak to Daniel in Akila City, Akila.
    2. Start the “First to Fight, First to Die” faction mission for Freestar Collective.
    3. Board the ships on the orbit of Akila and defeat all enemy soldiers.
    4. The drop chance is rare, so save and repeat until you get one.

Security Guard Uniform

It’s no secret that security guards in Starfield carry not only some of the best weapons in Starfield but also preeminent gear. The Security Guard Uniform has almost exactly the same stats as the First Soldier Outfit. It only comes down to the design and your preference.

  • How to get Security Guard Uniform: You can find these randomly in the guard’s lockers either in Neon City or on Suvorov, Kryx.

UC Navy Officer Uniform

United Colony officers, security guards, and pirates all have excellent outfits with high defense stats and Intimidation chance bonuses. Although they’re all very different in design, the stats on all these types of uniforms are universally the same.

  • How to get UC Navy Officer Uniform: Once you start the Crimson Fleet questline, you’ll be able to pick one up randomly from the dead enemies.

Striker Streetwear

If you value nothing but a high DPS, then going all the way to get the Striker’s outfit would be a smart idea. It grants you a 5% bonus to critical damage, and it protects extremely well against energy weapons. I also recommend getting the mask in addition to the torso for a complete outfit.

  • How to get Striker Streetwear: Join the Strikers gang after talking to Madame Savage on Neon, and get access to the vendor selling it for 150 Credits.

Settler Apparel

In the early stages of the game, you shouldn’t ignore the more casual Settler gear, which grants a 10% bonus to your HP. There are many Settler apparel pieces, but the two best ones are Settler Casualwear and Settler Poncho Outfit. These provide the best protection from various types of damage.

  • How to get Settler Apparel: You can purchase these from either Antonio Bianchi at the UC Surplus in New Atlantis or Amoli Bava at the Jemison Mercantile for about 50 Credits.

Space Trucker Cargowear

Being able to carry more items can always come in handy, and that’s where some apparel pieces can serve you really well. Of all the gear that grants you carry capacity bonuses, the Space Trucker Cargowear grants you the best defenses.

  • How to get Space Trucker Cargowear: You can loot this from one of the members of the Shaw Gang during “The Empty Nest” mission on Akila, Cheyenne.

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Engineering Outfits

All engineering outfits grant bonuses to your HP and O2. Although they’re distinguished by color, their defensive stats are very different. I found the best engineering outfits to be Black, Brown, and Gray. These three will grant you somewhere between 15-20 points of physical, energy, and electromagnetic defense.

  • How to get Engineering Outfits:
    • Argos Extractors Mining Post at Vectera Moon.
    • Retrofitted Starstation at Piazzi VI-a Moon.
    • Abandoned Mine at Niira, Narion.
    • Akila City Galbank at Akila, Cheyenne.

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Neocity Corpwear

You don’t always need to be intimidating to get what you want in Starfield. At times, being persuasive is more efficient. That’s where the Persuasion bonus can play the most important role, and only corporate apparel such as Neocity Corpwear can provide both a good defense and a +5% Persuasion chance.

  • How to get Neocity Corpwear: You can purchase it either from James Newill at Newill’s Goods or from Dietrich Sieghart at Sieghart’s Outfitters in Neon for 525 Credits.

NASA Lab Uniform

One of the most interesting apparel pieces in terms of utility is the NASA Lab Uniform. This simple white lab jacket adds a 5% bonus to your Research Sudden Developments chance. On top of that, it has decent protection from Radiation and Airborn contamination.

  • How to get NASA Lab Uniform: You can find it inside the cave on Procyon III, Procyon A during the “Into the Unknown” mission.

Those are the Top 10 best apparel pieces in Starfield. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks articles on Bethesda’s space RPG right here.

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