The Last of Us 2 Barko’s Pet Store Key Location

Not a fan of locked doors? Neither are we. Here's how to find the Barko's Pet Store key in The Last of Us 2 for the long gun holster.

Not a fan of locked doors? Neither are we. Here's how to find the Barko's Pet Store key in The Last of Us 2 for the long gun holster.

Downtown Seattle is the first major open area in The Last of Us 2, where you’re allowed to just roam free and explore. There are a number of secrets to discover, including a new shotgun, tons of supplies, and a missable item that you’ll need the Barko’s key to get to.

Gaining access to Barko’s Pet Store is pretty simple, but you’ll have to enter a different building to get the key. Follow the guide below to find out exactly where to go.

Where to Find the Barko’s Pet Store Key

Barko’s Key Location

A map of Downtown Seattle in The Last of Us 2 showing Barko's Pet Store Key location.

Before you can enter Barko’s Pet Store, you’ll have to make your way to the Ruston Coffee shop at the north end of the downtown Seattle map. It’s located at the intersection of Spring Street and 5th Ave.

The doors to the coffee shop are locked, so you’ll have to smash the windows with a bottle, brick, or melee weapon to climb in. Once inside, head to the back of the building and into the restrooms.

There’s an infected waiting for you in one of the stalls, so be ready for a bit of a jump scare. It’s not a Clicker, so there’s no need to worry too much. After the infected is dealt with, you can grab the key at the back of the room.

How to Get the Long Gun Holster

The long gun holster in Barko's Pet Store TLoU2.

After you’ve grabbed Barko’s key, you can finally return to the pet store to claim the long gun holster inside. There’s a bunch of supplies in this makeshift hideout, but the holster can be found in the back room on a desk.

The holster looks like a small leather belt. There’s a bright yellow icon above it, so it’s honestly hard to miss at this point.

The long gun holster allows you to quickly swap between long weapons like shotguns and rifles without having to hold down the square button. You’ll be able to hit left on the d-pad twice to swap weapons in no time at all. Also, quick swapping with “R1” will now cycle through three weapons instead of just two.

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That’s everything you need to know about where to find the Barko’s Pet Store key in The Last of Us 2 for the long gun holster. There’ll be plenty of opportunities for you to put your new holster to good use. For more on The Last of Us 2, be sure to check the link above (as well as the one at the top of this guide), or head over to our TLoU2 guides page

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