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Top 10 One-Handed Weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 & How to Get Them

Prefer a sword-and-board fighting style or a one-handed dueling one? Here are my best one-handed weapons in Baldur's Gate 3.

From spears and longswords to rapiers, battleaxes, and maces, there are plenty of powerful one-handed weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3. But which are the best for Fighters, Paladins, and other melee characters who prefer a sword-and-board fighting style? Here are my top 10 one-handed weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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What are the Best One-Handed Weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Great one-handed weapons should offer decent base damage, an additional damage boost through elemental infusions or weapon enhancements, and some useful special abilities. They pair well with my guide to the best shields in the game, too. On this list, I’ve included some of the strongest options in BG3, usually found in Act 3. However, there are also some for Act 2 and Act 1 one-handed weapons to be found. Here are all of them for a quick overview. Click the links to skip to the ones that interest you:

10. Flail of Ages

The Flail of Ages stands proud in our list of legendary one-handed weapons as a Rare arm. It’s a +2 enhancement weapon with a 1d4 elemental damage buff and a bonus effect. You pick between elemental infusions, each offering a debuff like Acid reducing AC by 2 or applying the Burning condition. I highly recommend the Acid buff, as it essentially gives you +2 to attack rolls against a foe you hit that your whole team can share. That Tenacity ability is also great on Strength-based characters for guaranteed damage on low-health enemies. Buy it from Fytz in the Stormshore Armoury in the Lower City.

9. The Sacred Star

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Another Tenacity weapon on my list of the best one-handed weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 is The Sacred Star. It comes with decent base damage at 1d8, plus an additional 1d4 Radiant and a +2 enhancement. Additionally, each time you hit a creature with this mace, that creature gains Radiant Orb, reducing their attack rolls by -1. This stacks, so I wear Radiant Gloves, too, which add an additional 2 RO on hit. This weapon can also Turn undead on a hit and blind foes with its special Dawnburst Strike once per short rest. I bought it from Vicar Humbletoes in the Stormshore Tabernacle in Baldur’s Gate.

8. Voss’ Silver Sword

This is the best longsword in BG3, offering +1d4 Psychic damage to Githyanki, aberrations, fiends, and elementals. These are some of the most common creatures you face, so the damage buff triggers often. Furthermore, you also get +2 to attacks and damage and the Wrathful Smite spell for free. You can either buy it from Kith’rak Voss in Act 3 or loot it from his corpse.

7. Infernal Rapier

Infernal Rapier is one of the best rapiers you can get and is great for any caster class that wants to add their spellcasting score to attack rolls. You also get +2 to attack rolls and damage rolls with this weapon and a +1 to Spell Save DC. Finally, you can summon a Cambion to aid you in battle, deal damage with its spells, and tank. I usually summon my Cambion at the beginning of an adventuring day since they last until a long rest. You can get this weapon by rescuing Mizora from the Mind Flayer Colony with Wyll in the party and asking for a reward.

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6. Orphic Hammer

While largely a story item, the Orphic Hammer is incredibly powerful as a defensive tool. It offers great damage and a chunky +3 bonus to attack and damage. More importantly, you get Advantage on all saving throws against spells, which I use against mind flayers. You can also remove the Restrained, Paralyzed, and Stunned conditions on any creature with the Unshackling Strike ability. There are two ways to get it. You can either make a deal with Raphael in Rivington or steal it by talking to Helsik in Lower City Baldur’s Gate and having her teleport you to the House of Hope.

5. Nyrulna

Nyrulna is a unique Trident that deals incredible damage and offers some throwing weapon abilities. It deals +1d6 thunder damage, it’s a +3 enchantment weapon, and it also has special attacks. Second, you gain +3 meters to movement speed and jump distance. Finally, when you throw this weapon, it deals an additional 3d4 Thunder damage in a 6-meter blast radius and magically returns to your hand. You can get it by pickpocketing Akabi the Genie at the Rivington Circus and spinning the Wheel to be teleported into a jungle where you can find it in a chest.

4. Duellist’s Prerogative

Duellist’s Prerogative is another superb rapier that deals extra Necrotic damage on hit. Furthermore, the Duellist’s Prerogative scores critical hits on a 19 instead of a 20 and grants you an extra Reaction per turn. You can spend these extra Reactions to deal even more Necrotic damage on hit. Furthermore, you get a special bonus action attack and can challenge enemies to a duel, making them attack only you and applying Bleeding on the target at will. This is a quest reward for completing the quest Save Vanra.

3. Bloodthirst

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The best dagger in is also in my Top 3 best one-handed weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3. For the trifecta, it’s also the best melee Rogue weapon if you’re not using the Bhaalist armor. You get many benefits, like scoring crits on a 19, having the True Strike cantrip, a +2 enhancement bonus, and a +1 AC. Furthermore, when a creature misses you with a melee attack, you can retaliate and gain the True Strike effect.

That said, I put it in the number 3 spot for its ability to impose Vulnerability to piercing damage on a creature you hit. This means that your next Sneak Attack can deal double damage and this stacks with critical hits. I pair this weapon with the Killer’s Sweetheart ring for a guaranteed critical hit Sneak Attack for massive burst damage. You get it as a drop from Orin the Red.

2. Selune’s Spear of Night and Shar’s Spear of Evening

These are, without a doubt, the best polearm options since they have the highest enhancement bonus to damage and attacks and the best abilities. Both spears grant you some extra spells and special attacks, as well. I prefer the Selune spear because you can leave Moonbeam active on a melee character and benefit from free damage per round if you can keep up your concentration. To get them, you’ll have to get the Spear of Night from the Shar’s Gauntlet Library puzzle and then spare Nightsong for Selune’s Spear or kill Nightsong for Shar’s Spear.

1. The Blood of Lathander

You can get one of the best one-handed weapons in Baldur’s gate 3 as early as Act 1. The Blood of Lathander is a powerhouse, granting you a +3 bonus to attacks and damage and an AoE blind. Additionally, you can cast the powerful Sunbeam Level 6 spell for free once per Long Rest. But that’s not all. If the wielder of this weapon dies, they’re immediately brought back to 2d6 HP and heal nearby allies by 1d6. Follow our Blood of Lathander guide to get it.

That concludes my list of the top 10 one-handed weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3. For more BG3 guides, check out our best heavy armor sets and best spells for the early and late game.

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