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What Are Kidnapper Fox and Vain Shroud in Lethal Company

Probably one of the most annoying enemies ever made in Lethal Company.

If you’ve noticed a seemingly harmless red thistle-like bush and a disfigured red fox in Lethal Company , congratulations! You’ve just found two new entities that came with the Lethal Company v55 update. Let’s see what Kidnapper Fox and Vain Shroud are doing and how to counter them.

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Are Kidnapper Fox and Vain Shroud Connected in Lethal Company?

Yes, one does not go without the other. Vain Shroud is a herb you will be able to see on the Moons you visit. And it’s known as a natural habitat for the Kidnapper Fox. During the daytime, you are safe from Kidnapper Fox as there won’t be any. However, during the night, there is a chance that one will spawn per each Vain Shroud bush that is left unchecked. The idea of the Kidnapper Fox is to kidnap crewmates, bring them to the bush (its home) and kill them there. One way to counter the Kidnapper Fox is to kill the Vain Shroud.

How to Kill Vain Shroud in Lethal Company

Vain Shroud can be killed with a new item from the Store called Weed Killer. Its price is 60 credits by default (you will probably see it on discount once in a while), and it unironically looks like an actual Windex spray bottle.

Once you get the bottle, you can spray it on the plant, and the plant will gradually start shrinking until it harmlessly explodes. The best method to go about this is to crouch close to the plant and try to aim for the root. You should be eradicating it within about three spray squeezes. And there you have it: pest control for foxes is done for the Moon!

However, if there are many, many Vain Shroud bushes, you’ll probably not be able to purge them all.

How to Deal With and Kill the Kidnapper Fox in Lethal Company

Kidnapper Fox likes to lurk around and camp in the most unexpected positions. Sometimes it will be near its bush, sometimes it will be around your ship… It will wrap its tongue around an unsuspecting crewmate and reel it back home for the kill. Other crewmates can interrupt this by attacking the Kidnapper Fox’s tongue, which will make it release its grip. However, the items that the captured crewmate was carrying were dropped at the place where the attack happened, so be mindful that your rescued crewmate will be unarmed.

The Kidnapper Fox needs to be hit seven times with a shovel to be killed. That’s a crazy number of hits necessary, and hopefully, it will be nerfed. If you attack it with a Shotgun, it will take two shots to kill it. It will die from a lightning strike immediately. There is a small trick you can employ (for now, until it gets fixed) if you spot the Kidnapper Fox before it attacks you. You can drop your weapon between you and the Kidnapper Fox and start moving back so that when it yanks you, you can pick up the weapon as you are getting closer to it, allowing you a chance to swing at the tongue and cut yourself loose!

When you’re done dealing with Vain Shroud, you will need to be introduced to the Barber. More cool guides await you at the Lethal Company hub.

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