What Will Minecraft Trial Chambers Be?

Launching in the new 1.21 update, what will Minecraft Trial Chambers be?

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One of the most exciting features coming with Minecraft 1.21 are the Trial Chambers. These special combat challenges will provide variety in your cave exploration adventures with a new mob spawning system. Let’s go into the details and talk about what will Minecraft Trial Chambers be.

What Will Minecraft Trial Chambers Be?

During the Minecraft Live 2023 showcase, Mojang Game Director Agnes Larsson and Level Designer Matthew “Moesh” Dryden showcased a new room. This was the infamous Trial Chamber that provides a brand-new approach to dungeon crawling. Essentially, they’re a new combat challenge room that can be randomly found underground while adventuring in the world. Complete these sprawling mini dungeons filled with different rooms and enemies and win awesome loot.

They contain the following:

  • Traps, hazards, and rooms: Watch your step as you delve through the twisting corridors and different rooms of the Trial Chamber as there are traps everywhere.
  • Supply Chests: Resupply your gear in these special randomized chests.
  • Trial Spawner: A brand new variation to the regular mob spawner that summons a specific number of hostile creatures you must defeat. The exciting part is that it can adjust the mobs it spawns and their number based on how many people you have in your party. You can also come back to them later for replayability value.
  • Loot: When you complete the Trial Chamber by defeating all mobs from the Trial Spawner you can find awesome loot waiting for you and your companions.

Trial Chambers are procedurally generated in your world meaning each one is unique. There’s a new challenge waiting each time you discover one. Furthermore, they’re all constructed from new blocks like copper, tuff bricks, and more. Where standard mob spawner rooms might use torches, Trial Chambers use Copper Bulbs which is also a new block coming in 1.21.

When Will Minecraft Trial Chambers Be Added?

As we mentioned, Trial Chambers as well as the new blocks it uses are all going to be released in the Minecraft 1.21 update. The release of this major patch is set for mid-2024. It’ll also include elements like automated crafting, the Armadillo mob, and the Breeze mob to name a few.

If you were wondering what will Minecraft Trial Chambers be, we hope this article was helpful. Up until then, there are plenty of thrilling updates coming to Minecraft this year like the Halloween event so stay tuned. For more guides and news on the game, check out our Minecraft guides hub.

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