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When Does the CoD MW3 Battle Pass End?

We know when the first MW3 Battle Pass end date.

When the latest Call of Duty launched, it came at the tail end of Modern Warfare 2 Season 6, technically morphing that battle pass into the current Modern Warfare 3 BP. Kind of. It’s screwy. With that in mind, you may be wondering about the MW3 battle pass end date.

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The Exact MW3 Season 6 Battle Pass End Date

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We know from a newsletter sent to fans that the current MW3 battle pass ends on December 6, alongside the launch of Season 1. The exact timing of that release is unclear. However, if I were a betting man, I’d put it at 1 p.m. EST/10:00 a.m. PST. That makes the most sense to me, as the 6th is a Wednesday, and doing a midnight release in the middle of a week would just be cruel.

As for what’s coming with Season 1 of MW3, we already know quite a bit. The short version is:

  • Three new multiplayer maps. Meat and Greece, two new 6v6 maps, and Training Facility for 2v2, are coming at Season launch, with Rio coming in the mid-season Reloaded patch. Meat and Rio seem to be smaller closer-quarters maps, with Greece filling out the trio as a medium-sized affair. Training Facility brings the return of the Gunfight game mode, where two teams of two face off in elimination-style gameplay in very small spaces.
  • Modern Warfare Zombies brings Aether Rifts. Strange, extradimensional rifts have appeared all across the Exclusion Zone, containing “a sinister and chaotic challenge, with limited time on the clock to complete objectives and escape.” What more that entails remains to be seen. The Friend Zone Wonder Weapon arrives as well, turning hordes of zombies and other enemies into friends for what I’d assume is a limited time. There will also be new schematics to collect.
  • Warzone enters the new Urzikstan map. While details on what exactly is changing with this latest iteration of Warzone, we do know that it uses all the new movement and gameplay mechanics introduced in MW3. Those include slide canceling, Tac Stance, and more. There will also be plenty of zip lines, a driveable train, and a more seamless integration between Warzone and Call of Duty HQ.

There will undoubtedly be even more content coming, as well, including all the Battle Pass rewards, new shop items, new weapons, as well as new challenges and rewards you can get in-game. I’d love to get more remastered maps from Modern Warfare games past, especially some of the best ones from the original CoD4: Modern Warfare. We already got two of them in the War mode. Bring them to 6v6, please!

That’s all the info on the MW3 Battle Pass end date. For more on Modern Warfare 3, check out our guides on the best guns in the game, the best KVD Enforcer Loadout, and more in our MW3 guides hub.

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