Free Trade Side Quest: Child of Light Guide

How to trade an apple for gold in Child of Light

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Where to get the Free Trade Quest

Bolmus Populi

In the town of Bolmus Populi, find the pompous mouse Adolphus sitting outside the tower playing music. He'll tell you he refuses to teach you trading because you're not a mouse, and offer a challenge that you take an apple and turn it into gold.

Challenge accepted!

Where to Trade the Apple and get the Shovel

Capilli Village

Take the apple to Capilli Village, enter the library/school and give it to the white bearded teacher. He'll give you a shovel in return.

Where to Trade the Shovel and Get the Lantern

Altar of Mahthildis

Take the shovel to the altar of Mahthildis and head toward the old monastery. before you get there, you'll encounter a carriage and a gravedigger. He'll take the shovel and give you a lantern.

Where to Trade the Lantern for Gold

Bolmus Populi

Take the lantern and fast travel back to Bolmus Populi. Head right out of town to the statue of Magna on the edge of the plains, and  fly down to the lowest waterfall. Behind it you'll pass a stone door with a red gem. Keep going to the left and fly downward to the lighted posts, which will reveal a hidden horizontal tunnel. Keep an eye out for the shaft pointing down, and follow it to find the miner. If you arrive without the lantern, he'll offer to buy Iniculus. Arrive with the lantern, and he'll give you a piece of gold from his mine in exchange.

Where to Redeem the Free Trade Quest

Bolmus Populi

Head back to Bolmus Populi and speak to the trader again.

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Published Apr. 30th 2014
  • Whoosh87
    Thank dude.your guide really help a lot.
  • Jay_4629
    I had a hard time finding the person for the shovel. Then I read your guide, It was so obvious. There was a crow near the pile of dirt on the beginning of Aurora's journey, She undid the spell, so he turned back. Haha couldn't remember it with everything going on. Thanks for the help! ;)
  • Ruel_2303
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    Wow, I never would've managed this. Stumbled across this guide so had to stop and say thank you! :)
  • Amy White
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    Very welcome Stu! How are you liking CoL?
  • Stu _4917
    Yeh really enjoying it. Picked it up on a whim and glad I did coz I think it's brilliant! :)
  • Amy White
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    The $15 price point was really smart on Ubisoft's part; I think it significantly increased the number of whim-based purchases :)

    Glad you're enjoying it!
  • Stu _4917
    Yeah I agree. Considering it's had almost no marketing it seems to have sold well. It's always good to see people taking a chance on new IP :)
  • Blake_3076
    Ok, this is great, just having trouble finding the guy to give the light to... Thanks though! this has made it ALOT easier than just looking around blindly lol
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    I hope you've found him now! I encountered him before I had the quest completed to the proper point, and of course when I got the lantern I knew just who it should go to but could not for the life of me find him again. Took me a couple of hours of flying back through the game.
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    It's very refreshing to read an online guide that actually helps
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