Destiny 2: How to Get the Forerunner and Halo Weapons

Here's how to get the Forerunner and other Halo weapons in Destiny 2's 30th Anniversary event.

Some of Bungie's most iconic weapons make their Destiny 2 debut in the 30th Anniversary event. They've brought back the BxR-55, the Energy Sword, the Focus Rifle from Reach, and perhaps the most famous (and infamous) Sidearm in gaming: the Halo: Combat Evolved Magnum pistol. Or rather, the Destiny 2 versions of these weapons, as Halo remains a Microsoft property.

Here's how to get all Halo weapons in Destiny 2, starting with the Forerunner, the Halo CE Magnum in all but name.

How to Complete "Magnum Opus" and Get the Forerunner in Destiny 2

There are six steps in the Magnum Opus quest to get the Forerunner exotic Sidearm. To start the quest chain, head to Xur's Treasure Horde via the Eternity node in the Director. He'll give you the first quest on speaking to him.

Magnum Opus Step 1: Collect 7 Strange Coins

Unlike Destiny 1, you'll quickly be drowning in Strange Coins in no time. You get one or two for doing most core activities in the game: Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit among them, but the Dares of Eternity activity is good for them too. Finding seven coins won't take long at all.

Magnum Opus Step 2: Complete three bounties from Starhorse

This step asks for three Starhorse bounties, which come in three difficulty tiers. The first three offered by the impossible equine give one unit of progress, the second two give two units, the hardest completes this step in one go.

The toughest one asks you to reach a 300,000 score in Dares of Eternity, which is next to impossible without a dedicated fireteam, or by completing the Legend difficulty, which has no matchmaking.

Magnum Opus Step 3: Reach Strange Rank 4 with Xur and Acquire the Strange Key

You'll need to complete five or so runs of Dares of Eternity. Once you're at Rank 4, go back to Xur and pick up the Strange Key, the first Exotic item he offers in his rank-up rewards.

Magnum Opus Step 4: Head to Eternity and use the Strange Key

A pink, swirling vortex is directly across from the treasure room in Xur's Horde. Enter it to teleport to the Valley in Eternity. Inspect the Strange Key in your inventory, and it'll tell you to go to where the Seven Columns align. Cryptic.

Look behind you and to the right from the central structure facing the path to the second area in Dares. You'll see a small rocky outcropping with rectangular blocks jutting out of it. A quest marker will pop up as you get close to the rock pile.

Turn to face the large structure on the other side of the Valley and press the use key to activate the Strange Key. You'll then receive a message at the bottom left corner of your screen that says, "A barrier lowers somewhere up ahead…."

Magnum Opus Step 5: Find the Anomalous Object

Cross the Valley and enter a cave system on your right before reaching the large structure at the far end.

There's a brief platforming section, and you'll make your way up above floating blocks, spheres, and the occasional hazard. At the top of the cave, you'll reach an icy room with a familiar cryo pod.

It's empty, sadly, save for the Anomalous Object.

Magnum Opus Step 6: Take the Anomalous Object to Banshee-44.

Exactly as it says on the tin, head to the Tower and talk to Banshee-44. He'll tell you about where the Anomalous Object came from and what he did to fix it as he gives you the Forerunner.

How to Get Halo Weapons in Destiny 2

Getting your hands on the BxR-55 and other weapons from the Halo series isn't quite as complicated as acquiring the Forerunner, but getting the perks you want is still a matter of RNG. There are two primary methods of getting the Halo Weapons: Treasure Keys and Strange Rank engrams.

You use Treasure Keys to open the first chest nearest Xur for a chance at a randomly rolled Halo weapon. Be aware there are other weapons not from Halo in that loot pool (the Wastelander shotgun and Pardon Our Dust Grenade Launcher), so you won't get what you want every time.

Find Strange Rank Engrams at the top right of Xur's vendor screen in his Treasure Horde. If an engram awaits you, it will be illuminated with a number attached. These engrams have the same drop rates as the loot chest and come much less frequently, so don't rely on them as a farming source.

How to get Treasure Keys in Destiny 2

Your primary source of Treasure Keys is the Dares of Eternity activity. Every completion nets you a single key, whether you're on Normal or Legendary difficulty. You can also get keys from the Paraverse Haul boxes from completing Starhorse bounties, but these don't guarantee a key, so you'll likely need to open several before you get one.

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