The Top 20 Minecraft 1.13.1 Seeds for October 2018

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Just recently, Mojang gave Minecraft fans all over the world the opportunity to watch Minecon Earth 2018 via livestream, which showed of a new spin-off game and everything that's coming to the core experience in the coming months.

The panelists also revealed some of the new features that would appear the upcoming 1.14 update -- Village and Pillage.

A few of the biomes will receive upgrades: desert will get palm trees, taiga will get berries and campfires, and savanna will get baobabs and termites. In all this excitement, it's probably easy to forget about all the new things that have been added to the 1.13 update.

But we're here to remind you of them in this month's Top 20 seeds selection that includes shipwrecks, buried treasure, coral reefs, icebergs, and other cool features.

Published Oct. 2nd 2018

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