A guide to stud farming in LEGO Dimensions

Working on filling up your Rule Breaker meter? Here are some areas to rake in the studs.

If you've made any headway in LEGO Dimensions, you've probably come to the sneaking suspicion that filling up your Rule Breaker meter is quite a time investment - and in a major way.

This is doubly true because, unlike previous iterations of the LEGO games, you can only get a 2x red brick multiplier, which means much more stud-hunting to look forward to. 

If you're not in it for the grind, and just want to get your hands on the gold bricks as fast as possible, here are some suggestions for farming studs in the different worlds.

Note: Be aware that some farm suggestions are possible on some consoles (generally Xbox One and/or Xbox 360) but not necessarily on all of them (PS4 and Wii U seem to be lacking in this respect). 

In order to use most of these farms effectively, you should park a vehicle with the Spin Attack and Character Studs abilities in the center of the target enemies, and then collect the stud drops. It's recommended you also have a second vehicle with the Magnet ability to make this second part easier.

DC Comics

Go to Arkham Asylum. An NPC will ask you if you want to restore the jukebox. Buy it, and a group of green enemy NPCs will constantly respawn around the jukebox. Get in your vehicle and use the Spin Attack/Magnet combo. This is faster if you have Dwarf Bounty (2x Studs) activated.

Note: This seems to work only on the Xbox One and PS4 versions. Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U players can use the following farm below.

Complete Perry White's quest to find the reporters, but do not turn it in. The spinning weapon will continue to kill the three reporters and Perry over and over again until you hand in the quest.

In order to use this farm, you will need a character with the Dive ability (a vehicle with the Dive ability won't work).

The Wizard of Oz

Complete the Tin Man quest but don't turn it in. Use the spin weapon and stud magnet combo.

The Lord of the Rings

Complete, but don't hand in, the quest to find the three kids in Hobbiton. Use the spin weapon and stud magnet combo.

Alternatively, you can run back and forth between the farm and the mill/water wheel, where the bouncing blocks have a quick respawn rate. This is a slower method and heavily reliant on luck of the drop (e.g. blue or purple studs).

The LEGO Movie

Start but don't hand in the quest to find nine cats near the skyscrapers in Bricksburg. When you return to the area of the quest giver, you'll find the cats. Use the spin attack/stud magnet combo in the center of the cats. 

Note: There are only four cats in the Wii U version (confirmed), and I believe the same is true for Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

The Simpsons

Complete, but don't hand in, Grandpa Simpson's quest at the Jebadiah Springfield statue. Use the spin attack/stud magnet combo. Start the quest to kill 25 mobsters, but hang out in the magnet vehicle and the NPCs killed by the spinner will drop studs, but won't count towards your quest total.


Restore the haunted house and the complete (but do not turn in) the mission Daphne gives you to find four missing people. Use the spin attack/stud magnet combo.

Legends of Chima

Complete the quest Bezar gives you to rescue three beavers. You can rescue them, but don't turn in the quest. Use the spin attack/stud magnet combo. 

Note: The beavers are underwater, so this farm requires you to have a character with the Dive ability (not just a vehicle).

You can find an early version of the character ability list in tis article about common issue fixes and how to get started with LEGO Dimensions.

If you've found any other stud farms (particularly for the worlds I haven't already listed), leave me a comment and I'll be happy to add them.

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Published Oct. 11th 2015
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    LEGO chima at the top of the lion temple and some Towers around have 100k studs tOgether

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