Final Fantasy XV Guide: How to Find the Papa Bird and Baby Bowl Recipe for a 100% Drop Rate Boost

This FFXV Recipe Gives a 100% Drop Rate Boost...Here's How to Get It

By now, you've probably spent more than a few hours in Final Fantasy XV trying to level up quickly and get your hands on all the best weapons. And I'm betting that you'd and Want to find out how to get a big old boost to your Perception, and some smaller boosts to a few other stats? Well, follow this little guide and then reap the rewards... literally!

What you are looking for is a recipe called Papa Bird & Baby Bowl. It replaces the Mother & Child Rice Bowl, which only gives you a 50% boost to Perception (but a 100% EXP boost).

This new recipe not only grants a 100% boost to Perception (and drop rates) but also increases HP by 1000 and gives a 40% EXP boost. The way the Perception boost works is that if an item has a drop rate of, say, 10%, then this recipe will boost that drop rate up to 20%. All in all, it is a really worthwhile item to find -- especially when you're trying to gather items or supplies. 

Welcome to Lestallum!

The recipe can be found in Lestallum at the lookout. On the right-hand side, you will find a lady sitting at a bench and eating. Interact with her and you will get it. For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Basilisk Breast
  • Birdbeast Egg
  • Saxham Rice

All of these are easily sourced, so you shouldn't have any issues putting together this Perception-boosting meal. 

Hope you've found this brief guide useful. Keep checking back with us for more tips and tricks in Final Fantasy XV.


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Published Jul. 11th 2017

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