The Callisto Protocol: What are Energy Converters For?

Energy Converters are used for one thing in The Callisto Protocol. Here's what you need to know.

As you make your way through The Callisto Protocol, you'll come across a number of items that have pretty obvious uses. Callisto Credits, for example, are used at the Reforge shops dotted around Black Iron prison and the surrounding areas, turned in to buy ammo, health packs, and weapon upgrades. However, you may be wondering what the heck Energy Converters do. 

Energy Converters sound like they have a neat, sci-fi horror application in this Dead Space-adjacent title, but they're simply used to get more Callisto Credits at Reforgers. You'll quickly find that scouring lockers, desks, and dead zombies for Credits can be a (necessary) slog, but Energy Converters often give you a quick influx of cash. 

There are several varieties of Energy Converters with different monetary values, though each looks like a little tank in your inventory: 

  • Energy Converter (common): 100 credits.
  • Pristine Energy Converter (rare): 200 credits.

These items can be found everywhere in The Callisto Protocol. Sometimes they're found on crates, other times in lockers, and others still in the many lockboxes peppered throughout the game. Always take the opportunity to look for them and grab as many as your inventory space will allow. Indeed, try as much as you can to pick them up and sell them immediately to pick up more as you find them. 

You'll also want to keep an eye out for other rare items that give you Callisto Credits, such as:

  • Decoders: 500 credits.
  • Pristine Decoders: 750 credits. 
  • CPU Printers: 1,000 credits. 

Now that you know what Energy Converters are for, head over to our complete collectibles guide to find all of The Callisto Protocol's audio logs and data bios, or head over to our weapons guide to find all of their locations. 

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Published Dec. 6th 2022

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