Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Poffin Guide

Learn everything about cooking poffins and the best recipes in our guide to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

If you want to score well in the Super Contests that take place in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, then you certainly need to learn how to cook the best poffins for your Pokemon. This guide will provide you with all the tips you need in order to make the best poffins and win the Visual Evaluations in Pokemon BDSP.

You will learn where and how to cook poffins, as well as which recipes are the best to make the most delicious poffins in the game. These recipes will not only influence their conditions in the most effective ways, but also increase the quality of their sheen, which is just as important for all the contestants.

How to Cook the Best Poffins in Pokemon BDSP

How to Get the Poffin Case

Before you can start cooking poffins you need to obtain the Poffin Case, which can be acquired by following these steps:

  1. Fly to Hearthome City (indicated on the map above)
  2. Go to Pokemon Fan Club building
  3. Speak to the chairman of the fan club
  4. Receive the Poffin Case from him

Head to Cooking Station

You can now start cooking poffins at the Poffin House outside the fan club at Hearthome City, but it is recommended to go to the Poffin Cooking Station, which is located at the Amity Sqaure north of Hearthome City.

If you cook poffins at the Amity Square and you bring along Pokemon with high friendship rate, then your poffins will have a lower level of smoothness, which will allow your Pokemon to eat even more poffins.

Cooking Poffins

Every poffin can be cooked using different types of berries, but you can use a maximum of four berries per one poffin. Different combinations of berries will influence the taste of the poffin, which in its turn influences the type of condition your Pokemon gets.

Before cooking the poffins, you need to learn which tastes influence certain conditions:

  • Bitter — Cleverness
  • Dry — Beauty
  • Sour — Toughness
  • Spicy — Coolness
  • Sweet — Cuteness

You can determine the taste of any berry by following these steps:

  1. Open your Bag
  2. Select a berry
  3. Select "View Tag" option
  4. The arrow will indicate the taste of the chosen berry

Now when you know how to determine the taste of berries, you can start cooking poffins either at the Poffin House or at the Poffin Cooking Station.

The process of cooking poffins consists of three simple steps:

  1. Orange flames mean that batter is liquid (stir slowly)
  2. Yellow flames mean that batter gets harder (stir a bit faster)
  3. Blue flames mean that batter gets completely firm (stir fast)

You will get the screen prompts during the cooking process just how fast or slow you need to cook your poffins. Simply follow those prompts and you should be able to cook some perfectly fine poffins.

Best Poffin Recipes

You can feed poffins to your Pokemon up to the point when they reach a maximum of smoothness, which is 255 points. Once your Pokemon reach the smoothness cap, you will not be able to give them any more poffins.

This means that you need to cook poffins that provide the highest condition stats and sheen with the least amount of smoothness, so that you could feed more poffins to your Pokemon.

Below you will find the list of the most effective poffin recipes that do exactly that:

  • Liechi + Pomeg + Watmel + Shuca
  • Ganlon + Kelpsy + Durin + Coba
  • Salac + Qualot + Belue + Payapa
  • Petaya + Hondew + Spelon + Chople
  • Apicot + Grepa + Pamtre + Kebia
  • Liechi + Pomeg + Watmel + Occa
  • Ganlon + Kelpsy + Durin + Passho
  • Salac + Qualot + Belue + Wacan
  • Petaya + Hondew + Spelon + Rindo
  • Apicot + Grepa + Pamtre + Yache
  • Liechi + Qualot + Shuca + Occa
  • Ganlon + Hondew + Coba + Passho
  • Salac + Qualot + Payapa + Wacan
  • Petaya + Hondew + Chople + Rindo
  • Apicot + Grepa + Kebia + Yache

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Published Dec. 7th 2021

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