Phasmophobia Ouija Board Questions Guide

Here's how to ask the ouija board questions in Phasmophobia.

The ouija board in Phasmophobia received an overhaul in the update, adding new ouija board questions and functions, along with a brand new look.

In this Phasmophobia guide, we're going to go over the ouija board questions you can ask a ghost, either to push along your investigation or to add some extra flavor.

Phasmophobia: How to Use the Ouija Board

Pick up the ouija board in a safe spot, preferably near the front door in case a hunt begins, and click the ouija board to turn it on.

Asking a ghost questions with the ouija board is not free, at least in terms of your Sanity. You will take a hit to your sanity with each question you successfully ask the ouija board, though not all questions impact you equally.

  • Asking the location of the ghost will drain your Sanity by 40%, though a little less with Demons.

  • Asking a question about the location of the bone or how many people are in the room with the ghost will drain your Sanity by 20%.

  • The other questions will drain your Sanity by 5%.

Additionally, a new feature to this Phasmophobia patch is that the ouija board will break and immediately initiate a cursed hunt if you do not say goodbye to the board.

A cursed hunt is longer than a regular hunt and starts (essentially) on the player. It will extend every other hunt for the rest of an investigation. Always say goodbye to the ouija board when you're done with it unless you are intentionally trying to start cursed hunts.

Phasmophobia Ouija Board Questions

Questions are sorted by their function below; there are quite a few ways to phrase ouija board questions to ghosts in Phasmophobia.

  • To find out where the ghost is:
    • Are you here / close / around / near?
    • What is your favorite room?
    • Where are you?
    • Where is your room?
    • Are there any spirits?
  • To find out the location of the bone, ask the ouija board:
    • Where is the bone?
  • To find out your Sanity:
    • "What is my Sanity?"
    • Healthy means your Sanity is 80% or above.
    • Good means your Sanity is between 60% and 80%.
    • Average means your Sanity is between 40% and 60%.
    • Bad means your Sanity is between 20% and 40%.
    • Awful means your Sanity is below 20%.
    • "Am I insane?"
    • Maybe means you are above 0% Sanity.
    • Yes means you are at 0% Sanity.
    • "How insane am I? or "How crazy am I?"
    • Not very means you are above 50% Sanity.
    • Very means you are between 20% and 50% Sanity.
    • Insane means you are below 20% Sanity.
  • To find out how long the ghost has been dead:
    • How long have you been here?
    • When did you die?
    • How long have you been dead?
    • How many years ago did you die?
    • How long ago did you die?
  • To find out how many people are in the same room as the ghost, including the ghost, ask the ouija board:
    • How many ghosts are here?
    • Who is here?
    • Who is in this room?
    • How many ghosts are present?
    • How many people are present?
    • Are you alone?
    • Are we alone?
    • How many are in this room?
    • How many people are in this room?
    • How many people are here?
  • To find out how old the ghost was when it died:
    • How old are you?
    • Are you old?
    • Are you young?
    • What is your age?
  • To find out how the ghost died, ask the ouija board:
    • How did you die?
  • To force a cursed hunt to start:
    • Do you want to play hide and seek?
  • To find out how the ghost is feeling:
    • How do you feel?
    • Are you okay?
  • To get the ghost in on a joke:
    • Knock knock!
  • To find out why the ghost is there:
    • Why are you here?
  • Miscellaneous questions to ask the ouija board:
    • Am I pretty?
    • Do you hate me?
    • Are we friends?

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Those are all the Phasmophobia ouija board questions for now. The list certainly isn't too long, and keeping some in mind for your next round of investigations can be a boon if you want to save some time hunting for the bone or the ghost itself. For more tips, check out our other Phasmophobia guides on GameSkinny.

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