Destiny 2 Lighthouse Chest Puzzle Guide

Can't figure out how to get past the force field? We show you the full method for unlocking this Destiny 2 region chest.

The Curse Of Osiris DLC for Destiny 2 is jam packed with new content for those who devoured the game in its first few months of release, featuring more than a few secrets to unlock if you look hard enough.

One of those curiosities is a region chest locked behind a barrier of light that can't be broken no matter how hard you try. There's a secret to bringing down that impenetrable barrier if you can figure out a puzzle.

Essentially, your Guardian will be throwing a series of switches in the proper order, only in this case, your goal is picking up books instead of actually hitting switches. Hit all five books in the order required, and that luscious loot is all yours!

Unlocking The Destiny 2 Lighthouse Region Chest

This blocked regional chest is found in the area of the Lighthouse where Brother Vance is standing by all of his books on prophecy. The chest is located behind a force field underneath the stone catwalk to the left of the room's entrance.

Book 1 - Compelling Book

To get the puzzle started, interact with the Compelling Book found just to the left of Brother Vance on the stone countertop. It's sitting to the right of a rolled-up scroll and is clearly marked by a glowing symbol of Osiris.

 Book 1 Location

Book 2 - Marked Book

From the first book, turn around and go past Brother Vance. In the direction Brother Vance is facing, keep going forward until you hit the room's wall. This book is on the second shelf on that wall, just above a red and orange device.

If you are instead coming in from the room's main entrance, the second book is found by turning right and going along the wall until you hit this bookshelf between two burning torches.

 Book 2 Location

Book 3 - Aged Book

From the second book, turn around so you are facing the interior of the room and then turn left. Go across the stairs to the other section of the room, and you can find the third book on the lower bookshelf next to a burning torch. If you are instead coming in the room from the outside, it's just to your left (and near the drop-off point to find the force field).

 Book 3 Location

Book 4 - Curious Book

From the third book, turn and go back the way you came across the stairs. Keep going forward until you see the large stone column on your left and the bookcases on your right. Just past that point, turn to face left, and you should see this book sitting on a table.

 Book 4 Location

Book 5 - Significant Book

From the fourth book's position, turn around yet again and go all the way back towards where you found the third book. Keep going until you walk past the forge with the 12-pointed star on the wall. Just past the star are a bunch of candles on the wall. Jump up onto the bookshelf next to those candles to find this fifth and final book up on a higher ledge.

 Book 5 Location

Even though you've hit all the switches, you aren't quite done yet with the process, as you still have to decrypt the firewall by interacting with a conflux (the glowing pillar of light). The conflux is found just a bit beyond the table where the fourth book was sitting.

 Conflux Location

After using the conflux, the field of light should now be gone, and you can claim your reward (special thanks to YouTuber Esoterickk for the screenshots).

Note that the barrier may already be down if someone else in the room completed the puzzle, and you can even help others complete it if they've started but haven't finished the book sequence.

 Opening the Lighthouse chest

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Published Dec. 8th 2017

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