Octopath Traveler Guide: Best Equipment to Make Your Journey Easier

To survive in Octopath Traveler, you'll need the best equipment you can find, whether that be helmets, body gear, or accessories. This guide shows you the best equipment you can get -- and where to find it.

In Octopath Traveler your party needs the best weapons to take the enemy down as quickly as possible. But they also need the best equipment to keep themselves alive if they do take a few hits.

As with most JRPGs, there's a variety of different equipment pieces you should look for, and a lot of them are tucked away throughout the world.

This guide will show you the locations of these hidden treasures and provide you with the best options available to your party to keep them alive and useful.

Best Head Gear

Flying Helmet

This is a great head piece if you want your early damage dealer to have land more critical strikes. You can choose to steal it off of citizens in Capable Culinarian or in Atlasdam. Because this is an early item, it's unlikely you'll wear this forever, but it's a great early game item to make grinding easier when you're starting outDon't dismiss it.

Flying Helmet stats:

  • Phys. Def: +26
  • Elem. Def: +30
  • Critical: +21

Golden Hairpiece

Have a character using far too much SP? This item increases maximum SP, while also providing a decent layer of protection. You'll find this piece at the Noblecourt shop. 

Again, this is another early game item you do not want to overlook. This will protect your weaker party members and ensure you do not have to use as much healing on them. Plus, it makes them more viable as they can use more skills in combat to support the heavier damage dealers.

Golden Hairpiece stats:

  • Phys. Def: +52
  • Elem. Def: +88
  • Maximum SP: +36

Adamantine Hat

Want to give a particular character increased defenses and more elemental attack? This is the best helmet in the game for exactly that. You can find this head piece in three different locations.

You can steal it off of a merchant located in Northreach. You can find it in a chest in Ebony Grotto. And you can find it in a chest in the Maw of the Ice Dragon. This means you might locate it sooner or later in the game depending on your overall progress. 

However, the chests in Ebony Grotto and Maw of the Ice Dragon are purple. This means you need to take Therion with you to unlock them.

Adamantine Hat stats:

  • Phys. Def: +104
  • Elem. Def: +180
  • Elem. Atk: +88

Dragon's Helm

To get this head piece, you're going to have acquire it from a hearty opponent. You can find them in Lower Riversford, standing in front of a home.

They should be the Rank 8 townperson. They're a tough fight, but if you want to take down the final boss, you should make sure to grab this helmet, especially if the tank in your party is having trouble taking physical damage. 

You can purchase this item in Grandport, but that seems like a missed opportunity for your party to gain more experience points.

Dragon's Helm stats:

  • Phys. Def: +152

Best Body Gear

Snowy Cape

During Octopath's early game, you're going to want your damage dealing squishy character to remain out of sight. A  great way to do this is to increase overall evasion.

This is a great item to go after for your party members who have a lighter step. You can find this item in Stillsnow, but you do have to purchase it from the merchant in town.

Snowy Cape stats:

  • Phys. Def: +39
  • Elem. Def: +43
  • Evasion: +51

Obsidian Garb

You can only find this piece of equipment once and you need to think carefully when you try to get it

The only way you can acquire this piece is when you face the Primrose Chapter 3 boss, Albus. You can steal it or take it off of him once you've defeated him, but you cannot do it too quickly. 

Killing this boss too quickly will not cause this item to drop. You have to wait a set of time before it spawns. What determines the correct amount of time is currently unknown.

Obsidian Garb stats:

  • Phys. Def: +98
  • Elem. Def: +112
  • Critical: +96

Sorcerer's Robe

This great piece of equipment would well suit any of your magic-based party members. You'll find it during your travels near the end of the game. You can purchase or steal it off an NPC in the Noblecourt or Everhold area after you've completed Tressa and Therion's storylines

Though this piece of equipment does not offer a special defense of ability, it does include a bonus toward Elem. Atk, which is great for a magic-based character you want to have deal major damage.

Sorcerer's Robe stats:

  • Phys. Def: +107
  • Elem. Def+282
  • Elem. Atk. +50

Robe of the Flame

During Octopath's late game, your magical party members will thank you for picking this item up. It's a great addition to your inventory, but you'll have some trouble adding it to your collection.

You can find it in three ways. The first way is fairly simple, as you can find it on a citizen in Victors Hollow where you purchase or steal it. You can also find it in Marsalim after you've completed H'aanit's story.

The final location is in Wispermill where you must defeat a Level 9 elderly woman. That's right. A Level 9 elderly woman stands between you and a great piece of gear. Are you going to let her stop you?

Robe of the Flame stats:

  • Phys. Def: +126
  • Elem. Def: +317
  • Maximum SP: +56

Best Accessories

Sprightly Necklace

What character in your party doesn't need to move faster? This accessory will add to your favorite party member's speed unlike any other item in the game.

Thankfully, you can find it in a number of different locations. You have the option of purchasing it or stealing it from NPCs in Wispermill, Northreach, and Cobblestone. During the later part of the game, you can also steal this from Noelle. You do need to finish her final side quest to acquire it.

Sprightly Necklace stats:

  • Speed: +80

Critical Necklace

This item has critical in the name, so how can you not want to add it to your inventory? You'll want to pick this item up to maximize the amount of damage you're dealing and ensure you're dealing as much critical damage as possible. 

To find this item, you need to head to Marsalim to purchase or steal it from an NPC at that location.

Critical Necklace stats:

  • Critical: +80

Enlightening Necklace

As the game progresses, enemies get harder and some of your party members won't be able to take a hit. The ones who need to get out of the fire require as much evasion as possible, and this item is the perfect piece to give to your more squishy party members.

You can find this item during the later part of the game in Marsalim and Orwell, where you can purchase it or steal it. You can also locate this item in Grimsand Ruins in a chest.

Enlightening Necklace stats:

  • Evasion: +80

Gleaming Amulet

To find this item, you'll need to go a little bit out of the way. You'll need to travel to Lorn Cathedral, or the Ruins of Eld, and find it in a chest. It may take a little of effort to find, but after some thorough searching, you should locate the helpful piece and add it to your collection!

Gleaming Amulet stats:

  • Greatly reduce light damage


And those are some of the most notable equipment drops you can find during your travels in Octopath Traveler! Did you find any other noteworthy items? Mention them in the comments below!

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Published Aug. 1st 2018

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