Necromunda: Hired Gun Inventory System — How to Open and Use It

Confused with the Necromunda: Hired Gun inventory system? This guide will have you gearing up to take on gangers faster than you can say summon your mastiff.

Necromunda: Hired Gun inventory management isn't exactly straight forward. In many ways, the Warhammer FPS has a really back to basics feel in terms of its shooting and platforming. Its fast-paced run-n-gun action is reminiscent of shooters from the 1990s, streamlining as much of its inventory as it can. 

However, there is an inscrutable level of inventory management that can get in the way if you enjoy the shooting. This brief Necromunda: Hired Gun inventory guide will help you understand what's going on with the Inventory systems in the game. 

How the Necromunda Hired Gun Inventory Works

To keep the gameplay in Hired Gun streamlined, developers Streum On Studio have made it so there is no accessible inventory in the game. All item shuffling is dealt with in the mission setup stage.

During missions, you have a near-infinite stash of weapons that you can collect but can't use. There is only one weapon slot opening for swapping weapons during a mission, but anything you pick up will disappear into your invisible stash.

The only things you can pick up and purchase during missions are Stimms — which you can either buy from terminals or find around the map — and Proximity Grenades that often turn up near medkits.

At the end of a mission, you will get to check everything you picked up in the loot screen. You have limited slots for each type of loot, shown on your character model to the right of the screen. 

If there is loot that you want to keep, you'll need to click it and click a slot you want to put it into. Anything that doesn't get put into a slot will get sold when you quit the inventory screen. Remember that you have 25 slots for both Archeotech and Lucky charms, which you can switch through.

For weapons, armor, items, Archaeotech, and Lucky Charms, it's worth comparing and contrasting what you've got before you equip them, only taking gear with flat stat boosts.

For guns, you will probably want to look into things a bit closer. Check out what type of weapon it is and what its overall stats are. There are only four pistol slots, four basic slots, four heavy slots, and three special slots, so fill them up wisely.

As previously mentioned, anything you don't take out of the loot screen will be sold for credits. You can then use these credits in Martyr's End to buy new weapons, new augments, and weapon parts.

Sometimes the flexibility afforded by weapon customization and mods outstrips raw firepower, so consider selling pricey weapons if your core arsenal is already pretty solid. 

And that's how you "access" the Necromunda: Hired Gun inventory. While you can't use it like inventories found in other modern shooters, you can use it to sift through your loot and pick the best pieces to keep. It's also one place you can equip guns in the game. For the other, check out our guide on equipping weapons.


Published Jun. 8th 2021

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