Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: How to Find All 12 Zodiac Relics and Unlock Secret Boss Rush

Check this guide for the locations of all 12 Zodiac Relics in Kingdom Hearts 2.8!

There are 2 objectives in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 that involve the 12 Zodiac Symbols. You can start collecting these from certain chests after you have beaten the game once and started a New Game+.

These relics are scattered throughout each area, so you won't be able to get all of them until near the end of the Depths of Darkness area. Luckily, you can teleport to different save location by that time.

I'm going to go over each of the 12 locations, so you know exactly where to look.

Castle Town - 4 Zodiac Relics

kingdom hearts 2.8 Aquarius relic

  • Aquarius - From the save point, head into the town square and go left.
    • Follow the path, then jump on a building to see a lamp and debris you can jump on.
    • Drop down below to see a chest in front of a window.
  • Aries - Go to the town square from the save point then take your first right to between 2 buildings.
    • You will see the chest with the relic to the left behind the building.
  • Virgo - Go forward from the save point and past the town square.
    • Take a slight left and jump up the platforms to go through the broken archway.
    • The chest will be to your left as you pass through.
  • Sagittarius - This one is found on the highest point in Castle Town.
    • You can go there by following the platforms up from where the Virgo relic chest is located.

The World Within - 5 Zodiac Relics

  • Pisces - This one is in the mirror to the endless staircase.
    • As soon as you enter the mirror, turn around to find the chest with the relic.
  • Gemini - This is in the hall with many columns.
    • You have to find specific columns that you can attack, then examine it to turn upside down.
    • After you have done this twice, go forward until you see an upside down chest, then turn right to see the chest with the relic.

kingdom hearts 2.8 zodiac relics

  • Cancer - Go to the where the mirror to the endless staircase is located, but don't go in.
    • There is a chest in the area behind the mirror.
  • Leo - This one is in the mine area mirror.
    • Go until you reach the second mirror you need to interact with. The chest is to the right of that mirror.
  • Libra - This one is in the mine area mirror.
    • Go until you reach the platforms that form a star symbol when lined up.
    • Jump on the platforms to the next area with a bunch of heartless.
    • You will find the relic in the chest to the right in that area.

Forest of Thorns - 2 Zodiac Relics

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 zodiac relics

  • Taurus - Follow the path from the first save point until you see the first small log you can grind on.
    • Go down to the left instead of on the log to find the chest with the Taurus relic.
  • Scorpio - This in the same spot as the first flower for objective 34.
    • Follow the path past the first save point until you reach a fork in the road.
    • If you go straight instead of turning right, you see a clearing.
    • The Scorpio Relic is in the chest in the clearing.

Depths of Darkness - 1 Zodiac Relic

  • Capricorn - This one is near the end of the level with the huge white light.
    • You will find the relic in a chest to the right when you reach this point. It is on a pillar.

Secret Boss Rush

Once you gather all of the relics, a mirror will appear in the middle of the main room in The World Within. This completes objective 43, but objective 42 requires you to go in and defeat all the enemies.

These are very hard fights so I suggest trying this at a high level.

That's it for my guide on finding all 12 Zodiac relics in Kingdom Hearts 2.8. Check out my full guide of objectives for help with anything else.

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Published Jul. 10th 2018

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