The Most Ridiculous Prices People are Asking for Blizzcon Swag on Ebay and How to Win It for Free

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I know what you're thinking: isn't it a little late for something related to Blizzcon?

Hell no.

The hype train never stops. I've still got the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor trailer playing in the background at least fifty times a day. That Grommash, man.

I don't ever want this excitement to fade. Not for me, not for you. That's why I'm giving away some Blizzcon goodies to four lucky individuals.

Published Nov. 20th 2013
  • Based Shinji
    Oh, wasn't even aware that it ended! Yay! Hopefully you can get things worked out soon. Thanks so much for hosting man!
  • Joseph Rowe
    Featured Columnist
    Have you guys been contacted yet? If not, message me at and we'll get everything sorted out. Same applies to all the other winners.
  • Joseph Rowe
    Featured Columnist
    Hey! So, it's a little bit past Wednesday, but we ended up getting a late entry. I will have the GameSkinny staff contact you via e-mail when they get back in the office after Thanksgiving.

    Pelenor will be getting the card.

    Myles Ives will be getting Arthas.

    Based Shinji will be getting Diablo.

    Mburd will be getting Kerrigan.

    I will try and ship them out sometime next week on Tuesday or Thursday. I've never had to ship out figures before, so, if there's a bit of a delay, I apologize.

    Thank you for participating!
  • Pelenor3
    Thanks for hosting! Not to mention introducing me to the website
  • Pelenor3
    Just saw the thanksgiving part of the comment. Makes sense. Good reading comprehension on my part :P
  • Joseph Rowe
    Featured Columnist
    No worries, man. I'm assuming they'll be going out on Monday. I'll talk to my coworkers who have the ability to e-mail you all about it. It's my fault for having the giveaway end the day before a holiday and the weekend, ha ha.
  • Mburd_3225
    I was unfortunately not in attendance but I might as well have been with the amount of information that was immediately brought to the internet.

    By far my biggest excitement is Warlords of Draenor, I am an avid WoW fan and have loved watching the game progress through the years. The way this expansion is looking, they have taken to heart the minds of their consumers, and really run with ideals. A perfect example would be the player housing (Garrisons), everyone has whined for years about the want for player housing, and we hadn't gotten even breadcrumbs to nibble on, that is until MoP and their phased farming solution. I believe that in itself was to see how well a phased, not instanced area could co-exist with the normal world. With its success, they are now providing us with non-instanced, player garrisons. Not only a home, but a living, breathing, virtual town, complete with unlockable denizens to do your bidding. Now I would say that is taking the cake in itself, we asked for an inch, it took awhile, but we got a mile.

    The biggest disappointment for me would have to be the information, or lack thereof, for "Titan". I understand that the game has undergone a design and focus shift but honestly it is troubling me, especially due to Blizzard's history of focus shifted games falling into disarray, but alas, for now there is nothing but further hope and speculation for what will hopefully turn into Code Name: Titan.

    Thanks for reading my entry and thank you for your generosity :)
  • Based Shinji
    I wasn't able to watch the stream, but I sure did keep up on info throughout the weekend. I think the most exciting thing to hear was WoD, and the new character models. Those have been a long time coming. I was also excited to hear that the Warcraft movie was finally going somewhere!
    I think the biggest disappointment was the lack of info on Titan, and how they still have kept it a hyped name. Would love to know more about it in some sense >.<

    I think if I were to get a prize, any of the miniatures would be sweet, but a preference would be Arthas or Diablo! I absolutely fell in love with Arthas' character and WoTLK was probably my favorite expac. His development and the past that came to haunt him in the future, plus Jaina. HIs story made me sad, I think he's one of the best written characters in the Warcraft universe. The Diablo is too cute to resist, lol.
  • Myles Ives
    Featured Contributor
    I'm hyped that Heart of the Storm (previously Blizzard DOTA) was properly announced and put into the spotlight. I'm hyped that Blizzard aren't simply making something that's mainly based off LoL or DotA's mechanics but instead a new MOBA with unique mechanics. I'm glad to see a new MOBA which isn't either trying to be *exactly* like the competition, or copying Dominion, the map which the LoL community loves to hate.

    I'm honestly disappointed that Titan wasn't properly announced or there wasn't at least a discussion panel on it, I would have loved to hear about the dev team's concepts and developments for the project, but then again with the recent retooling of the game I'm not too surprised that they didn't want to discuss it too much.

    Overall, I think if I won an item it'd have to be Arthus. His storyline was just amazing and he looks pretty badass!
  • Pelenor3
    I remember when they first had the Blizzcon stream up and viewable worldwide. I live down in Australia, and was probably only about 17 at the time, so it was fantastic news for me. I think I did just about every odd-job around the house in order to make sure I got myself a ticket. Being able to tune in and watch the events from half-way around the globe was amazing, and it was really a special moment for me

    The most disappointing thing was probably the lack of virtual tickets during some recent years/the absence of Blizzcon. (Although watching Ozzy perform live in concert was perhaps a close second. I heard the phrase 'I can't fucking hear yooou' so many times I began to fear his hearing aid might have come loose)

    I'm somewhat of an Avid collector of Pets/Mounts/ect. (Avid, not successful!) and that was always a good chance to expand my collection. I didn't have the cash on hand to afford the ticket this year, so seeing/receiving some of this stuff would be amazing. And I'm sure Grunty the Murloc marine would appreciate the company in my Battle Pets team. If my comment does get picked, I'l love to get the virtual gifts card (and also save you the expense of shipping to this country).

    Thanks for holding the giveaway. Good luck to anyone else who enters.

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