Absolver: How to Unlock Calbot

Digging Absolver but feel like your combat deck is missing something? Check out our Calbot guide and slap your enemies in style.

One of the most infamous moves in Absolver right now is called Calbot. It's a forceful slap that a lot of players are going wild for right now. There's nothing more satisfying than finishing a fight with a slap, especially one as fantastic as this. So, if you feel like your combat deck is missing that little special something, why not add this to your move set?

There are two different methods for you to unlock Calbot. The first one is to find an armorless NPC (picture above courtesy of reddit user WildReaper29) that uses this amazing slap. They're pretty hard to find and seemingly can be found anywhere in the game's world, but most players have reported seeing the NPC in the Tower of Adal specifically. Your best bet is to start your search in that area.

If you're having a hard time finding the NPC or don't want to be bothered hunting them down, then you can simply just find a player who knows the move to teach you, whether they got it from the NPC or another player themselves. You'll likely have to check Reddit or something similar for players who are willing to teach you the move if you don't have any friends who know it.

Just like any other move, you block, absorb, parry, or avoid it until you unlock it. Afterwards, you have to kill your opponent who taught you it. Upon completion, you should unlock both Calbot and its achievement Adding Insult to Injury.


What's your favorite move in the game? Tell us in the comments! Also, if you're jonesing for more Absolver content, be sure to check out our Windfall build guide, Marked One and Boss location guide, and the rest of our tips, tricks, and more that will help you slap your opponents just right.

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Published Sep. 5th 2017

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