How to Find the Medallions and Escape the RPD in the Resident Evil 2 Remake

To escape the RPD, you'll need three medallions. This guide shows you how to decipher all of the statue codes and solve each of the medallion puzzles in the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Once you make it to the police station in the Resident Evil 2 remake, your most immediate objective will be to escape it. To do so, you'll need to find three medallions — unicorn, maiden, and lion — and solve the medallion puzzle. 

In the main hall of the police station, you'll see a big altar with three empty slots next to the couch that Marvin periodically naps on. This is where the medallions go.

To get the medallions, you will need to complete three smaller puzzles, which involve deciphering secret codes at three statues around the RPD. 

Leon stands in front of the medallion puzzle in the RPD.

The first of the three medallions can be found directly above the main altar; it is on the 2F landing.

Interact with the lion statue and enter the code lion, branch, bird (Scenario A) or crown, fire, bird (Scenario B) to claim the lion medallion. Go ahead and put the lion medallion in the altar so it's not clogging up your pockets, and move on to the next steps of the puzzle. 

Leon getting the lion medallion.

The unicorn medallion can be found in the lounge, just south of the library (2F).

The combo for this medallion is fish, scorpion, vase for Scenario A and children, scales, snake for Scenario B. Pocket that medallion and move on to the next. 

Leon getting the unicorn medallion.

The third and final medallion is a bit trickier to find. You'll need to grab the 9-volt battery from the 2F S.T.A.R.S. office and the electronic gadget from the same room behind the operations room where you found the 2F men's locker room locker combo.

Combine the battery and the electronic gadget to make a detonator, and plant it on the C4 in the 3F west storage room. Once the smoke clears, move fast to get the maiden medallion — you have a bunch of new friends coming.

Be extremely careful: there's a licker on the way too; they're fast and deal massive damage if their attacks connect.

Leon getting the maiden medallion.

As if the incoming horde weren't bad enough, the statue is also damaged, making it hard to see the symbols on the dials. To solve this puzzle, set the dials to woman, bow, snake for Scenario A or ram, harp, bird for Scenario B. 

Grab the maiden medallion and hightail it outta' there before you get cornered.

Once you've dropped off all three medallions at the altar in the center of the RPD, you're home free. But not really.

Steps leading to the RPD basement under the statue in RE2.


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Published Feb. 5th 2019

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