Can You Pause Cutscenes in Hogwarts Legacy?

Does Hogwarts Legacy avoid the Unforgivable Curse of not being able to pause during a cutscene? It's...complicated.

When it comes to cutscene and dialogue-heavy games, it's expected that you'll be able to pause. You never know when you need to leave the room or just want to take a breather. Hogwarts Legacy has a lot of characters to talk to and some lengthy story cutscenes, so it’s natural that you might wonder if you can pause cutscenes in Hogwarts Legacy.

Can Hogwarts Legacy Cutscenes be Paused?

Technically, there’s no in-game method to pause a cutscene in Hogwarts Legacy. The only interaction you can make during cutscenes is choosing to skip them by holding a button (either Triangle on PlayStation, Y  on Xbox, or right-click on PC mouse and keyboard). Some good news is that most platforms have workarounds, though not all. 

How to Pause Cutscenes on Consoles

Console players can force Hogwarts Legacy to pause by going into the Home menus for their respective platforms. On Xbox Series X|S, pressing or holding the Xbox button should be sufficient. When it comes to the PS5, pressing a button isn’t enough; the cutscene will continue to play in the background. Players will have to hold the PS Button to forcibly pause Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Pause Cutscenes on PC

The PC platform is the only one that doesn't have a workaround for pausing. Alt-tabbing or minimizing the window has no effect. Once a cutscene starts, PC players are expected to sit down and enjoy the show until they can take a break.

For now, that's how you pause cutscenes in Hogwarts Legacy. We’ll update this if developer Avalanche Software patches a way to pause cutscenes in a different way. In the meantime, feel free to browse our Hogwarts Legacy Guide hub, where we have fixes for crashes on the PC platform as well as a guide to unlock one of the three Unforgivable Curses.


Published Feb. 8th 2023

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