5 Best Nightclub Locations in GTA Online's After Hours Update

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The latest Update/DLC for GTA Online is finally here, and it's called After Hours. The new content allows players to buy one of the 10 available nightclubs within the city. All of the clubs look basically the same from the inside and have the same functions, so the only way you can figure out which club is the best for you is by looking at its location on the map.

From a subjective point of view, you'll want to choose a club that is located the closest to your offices and apartments. However, there are several objective reasons as well, such as quick access to highways, landing zones, and missions.

This guide will provide you with the list of the five best nightclubs in the After Hours DLC based on these points.

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Del Perro Nightclub

Del Perro isn't the most expensive club in the After Hours DLC, but it is definitely the most reasonable one. The location is perfect as it is right near the highway and there is quick access to the beach.

It is also not in the northern part of the map, which is the hottest, so it won't attract as many gangs, and you will easily avoid any confrontations. Lastly, it is located very close to the aircraft spawns and the building looks really cool from the outside.

The only drawback is that it is located on the edge of the map, which means that supply runs will take longer.

Downtown Vinewood Nightclub

If you have the cash and want to buy the most expensive nightclub in the After Hours DLC, it would still be better to buy the Downtown Vinewood club, which is just a pinch cheaper.

After all, it is located in the northern part of the city, which is a huge plus, since this is where most of the missions take place. This makes it incredibly convenient for aircraft landing, while the main garage door gives you access to both north and south roads.

However, there is one thing that might make you look out for another club and that's an awfully dirty location with several dumpsters around. So if this is somehow a factor for you, then you should consider it before buying the Downtown Vinewood club.


Vespucci Canals Nightclub

If you're tight on money, but you still want a nightclub at the beach, and you can't afford the Del Perro one, then opt for the Vespucci Canals nightclub. It doesn't look nearly as good as Del Perro, but it has almost the same advantages and costs $325,000 less, which is a really good deal when you think about it.

As a result, you will have the same access to aircraft spawns on the beach and the highway right around the corner.

LSIA Nightclub

If you look carefully at the updated map, you will notice that the most southern clubs are the cheapest. The reason is that it is far harder to run supplies to those locations and generally do any missions. That's why the cheapest club in the After Hours DLC is the one on the Elysian island.

However, there is a club that is both super cheap and can be a good spot to buy, if you're short on cash. And that's the LSIA club. However, in order for this location to work, you first need to have the Exceptionalists Way and Greenwich Parkway properties. These will make car transfers into an easy way of making lots of money.


Strawberry Nightclub

The last really good location for a nightclub in the After Hours DLC would be in the center of the city, which belongs to Strawberry nightclub. It is also the most attractive-looking club after Del Perro -- and it is also slightly cheaper.

Just like Del Perro, the Strawberry Nightclub has quick access to a highway and due to it residing in the center of the city, you can easily go to any part of the map for various side missions.

All in all, it's a great spot unless you're looking to be in the center of events. In that case, buy a club in the northern part of the map.


These were five of the best nightclubs from the After Hours DLC, and for other GTA Online guides at GameSkinny, follow the links below:

Published Jul. 25th 2018


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