How to Get Flying Mounts in Hogwarts Legacy

Any Harry Potter fan wants to fly on a broom, but there are more options than that. Here's how to get flying mounts in Hogwarts Legacy.

Travelling around the world of Hogwarts Legacy is a dream for any fan of the Harry Potter series. With a world this big and diverse ease of travel is imperative. True, there is fast travel but there is only one way to enjoy the sights from the skies, and that’s with a flying mount. Read on to find out how to get your flying mounts so you can fly around in style.

How to Get Flying Mounts in Hogwarts Legacy

Flying in Hogwarts Legacy starts after reaching level 6 and completing the quest “Flight Class.” In this, you’ll get a chance to fly on a broom and get somewhat familiar with the controls before being able to buy a broom at Mr. Weekes' shop.

After these prerequisites are complete, flying in Hogwarts Legacy is available whenever it is permitted. If you’d like more information on how to get and use a broom check out our how to use a broom in Hogwarts Legacy guide.

How to Get Flying Beast Mounts

There are two types of flying mounts in the game, beast mounts and broom mounts. They both behave similarly  As stated before broom mounts can only be gained after completing the level 6 mission “Flight Class,” however beast mounts take some more effort.

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You first meet Highwing secretly with Poppy after completing the “Beasts Class” taken with Prof. Howin. Later in the story a main quest called “The High Keep” becomes available. This is where Highwing gets captured and it is up to you and Natty to save it.

Making your way to the top of the tower earns a cutscene where you ride to safety on your Hippogriffs as the dark wizards cast spells and curses at you. This is the first time players can ride on Hippogriffs.

After landing, riding beast mounts becomes unlocked and Highwing is kept in your nap-sack for use. If you pre-ordered the game this is when the exclusive mounts like Sepulchria and Caligo become available as well.

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How to Capture Beast Mounts

It’s possible to capture the beasts that are around the land of Hogwarts Legacy as well. Firstly you would head to a den of the magical creature you’d like to capture and use the nap-sack to capture them. It’s best to sneak up on them if you can with the Charm of Disillusionment and then use spells like Levioso or Arresto Momentum to keep them from flying away before putting them in your nap-sack. Check out this guide to read more about how to get and capture Hippogriffs.

After a successful capture, you can bring them to the Room of Requirement to interact with them and even breed them. If you’d like more information about how to handle the different ins and outs of Hogwarts Legacy feel free to check out our Hogwarts Legacy guides.

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Published Feb. 21st 2023

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