Pocket Mortys: How to Craft a Microverse Battery

If you're playing Pocket Mortys, you'll need a Microverse Battery to complete two of the game's quests. Check out this guide on how to make your own!

Pocket Mortys is a mobile game for Android based on the [adult swim] television show Rick and Morty. Within the game, there are a number of craftable items that aid you in your quests.

The Microverse Battery is one craftable item that contains a miniature universe. In the show, the battery generates power through kinetic devices that Rick installs so the universe's inhabitants can power their homes and devices. Ultimately, they are not only powering their own world but also whatever device the battery is hooked up to.

How to Craft a Microverse Battery

The recipe for a Microverse Battery calls for a Motherboard (here's how to craft a motherboard). You will also need a Supercharged Battery using the recipe below.

At a crafting station, you will combine a Supercharged Battery, a Motherboard, and a Dark Matter Ball to craft the Microverse Battery. 

When do you use the Microverse Battery?

In the game, you will need the Microverse Battery for two quests:

  • Feeling Rickcharged

The Microverse Battery is one of two items you can use to recharge the Robot Rick near the crafting station at the Citadel closest to the Shop. You can either give him a Supercharged Battery or a Microverse Battery. Once you have recharged the Robot Rick, you will receive Level Up Mega Seed.

  • Dude, Where's My Rick?

The Microverse Battery is also necessary for a quest that becomes available after you collect all 38 badges. In this quest, Dandy Rick will ask you for a Microverse Battery and in exchange, you will receive a Blips and Chitz coupon.


And that's it for the Microverse Battery. If you need more crafting recipes, check out this article on crafting recipes for Pocket Mortys! Happy crafting!


Published May. 6th 2017

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