Infinite Warfare: all Weapon Locations for Gun Nut Achievement

Can't wage war without a proper arsenal, so get on picking up all the devastating weaponry in Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare!

The future isn't lacking for weaponry, as Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare has its fair share of high velocity death dealers waiting to be found! As soon as you pick up a weapon, it is automatically scanned so that the 3D printers onboard the Retribution can print out that gun in future mission loadouts.

25 different weapons are available, and most come in several different scope and option variations like Scout, Thermal, Reflex, Suppressed, Extended, etc. You start with several weapons immediately and a few are speciality heavy guns that can't be scanned, so in all you need to find 22 different guns to unlock the Gun Nut achievement.

It doesn't matter which version of a gun you pick up: it will be automatically scanned no matter what, and you don't have to grab each individual version. Once you've grabbed a gun, it's always available for future missions. Below we show the location of each weapon, broken down by mission.

Keep in mind that some weapons are always found in specific locations, while others drop at random from enemies. In most cases you should get them all just by playing through normally, but if a gun doesn't get dropped by an enemy, just restart the mission and try again, or come back later via mission select.

If you are going back through chapter selection after completing the game to find guns you missed, don't exit out as soon as you grab the gun! You have to actually hit a checkpoint and save your progress for it to count towards the total.

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Black Sky

Karma-45 (SMG)

These will be found frequently throughout the game, but one is available early in the Black Sky mission. After you crash, two enemies try to rappel into your ship and you shoot them in slow motion. Jump down and turn around towards the wreckage to grab one off the soldier's body.


Volk (Assault Rifle)

Another extremely common weapon, this one can be found early at the exact same time as the Karma-45 SMG, and is typically found on the second soldier body.


KBAR-32 (Assault Rifle)

When Salter hands you a grenade as you look down on a grouping of enemies, this assault rifle is found right by the broken section of wall.


Erad (SMG)

In the same location as the KBAR-32, the Erad is randomly dropped by the enemies you are throwing the frag grenade at, so there should be plenty on the ground below. This gun will also be frequently dropped by SDF soldiers all throughout the game.


EMC (Handgun)

This one can be found in the same area (or really in any part of the game), but only spawns under a specific condition: an enemy has to be killed while he's wounded and crawling (rather than killed outright), at which point he pulls out his EMC pistol. 


R.A.W. (LMG)

The last unique weapon you can get in the Black Sky mission, this one is found when you come across another broken wall while looking down at a grouping of robot enemies. The R.A.W. is sitting next to the broken wall by a dead soldier.


Operation Port Armor

Banshee (Shotgun)

In the civilian terminal area while fighting robots, you should find these dropping either in the main hallway or in the side rooms.


F-SPAR Torch (Heavy)

This one is always dropped by the mech mini-boss you fight later in the Operation Port Armor mission. Just check in the wreckage after the mech explodes and you'll see it.

F-SPAR Torch

Reaver (Shotgun)

After the mech mini-boss you will enter an armory with several weapon lockers and a terminal. The reaver is found in the locker on the right hand side of the room as you center.


Mauler (LMG)

In the exact same room as the Reaver, the Mauler light machine gun is found on the weapon locker at the back of the room.


Oni (Handgun)

During the "Escape The Ship" mission objective while the timer is counting down, you can find this handgun either in the locked armory on the right side, or get it by killing wounded and crawling soldiers in this area.


Operation Taken Dagger

DCM-8 (Shotgun)

After you breach the ship's hull and before the gravity has been turned on, the room you breach has two gun lockers in the back. The locker on the right has this shotgun.


R3k (Assault Rifle)

In the exact same spot as the previous gun, this one is on the weapon locker on the left side.


P-Law (Heavy)

You can't miss this one - the mission forces you to pick up the weapon in the armory before you have to defend your position against a wave of enemies.


Operation Phoenix


At the very start of the mission while floating around in space you have to snipe two scouts. They can randomly drop the HVR if you're lucky (if not, just restart and do it again).


Operation D-Con

Ballista EM3 (Heavy)

When you are running through the fire-filled hallways, instead of going forward and to the right to follow your squad, instead turn left and go down the hallway that looks blocked by fire and unlock the armory door on the right. The Ballista EM3 is sitting on the ground next to the central table.


Type-2 (Assault Rifle)

In the same armory as the last gun, the Type-2 may spawn in the weapon locker on the left side of the room. If you don't find it here, it will frequently appear in other armories across the game.



This sub machine gun is frequently found in the same armory as the previous two guns, or in other armories if it doesn't spawn here on your first playthrough.


Operation Deep Execute

Eraser (Heavy)

During the mission you have to hack an armory door and just inside you should see the Eraser on the table. While it looks like a handgun, it technically counts as a Heavy weapon.


Operation Burn Water

Spartan SA3 (Heavy)

In the refinery area you have to fight a giant mech that can't be damaged by regular small arms fire. Spartan SA3 rocket launchers can be found in several crates scattered across this area as the battle progresses.

 Spartan SA3

Operation Black Flag

KBS Longbow (Sniper)

When you reach the area with the large digital billboard and a sniper, shoot the sniper and then double jump up this his location to unlock an armory door. A rack of these sniper rifles is found inside the armory on the weapon locker.

KBS Longbow Armory Location

Titan (LMG)

During the "Trap Is Sprung" mission segment, off to the left of your starting location is an open shipping container. Head inside to grab this final machine gun and unlock the Gun Nut achievement!


Those are all the scannable weapons we've discovered! Let us know if you end up finding any of them in any other locations, and have fun with your full arsenal now available in any mission loadout!

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Published Jul. 11th 2017

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