Skyrim Elder Knowledge Guide: How to Solve the Lexicon Puzzle

Here's how to solve the Lexicon Puzzle in Skyrim and reveal the secrets of the Elder Scroll.

Skyrim is a definitive Elder Scrolls installment, as it reveals the lore behind the Elder Scroll itself. To learn more about the series' history, players need to complete the Elder Knowledge main quest, which involves solving the Lexicon puzzle.

The long journey will take you to a secret location inside the Tower of Mzark, an ancient Dwemer ruin, that holds a dwarven machine, on which you'll need to push certain buttons to solve the Lexicon puzzle and reveal the Elder Scroll.

How to Solve the Lexicon Puzzle

Travel to the Tower of Mzark

The Elder Knowledge main quest and your path to the Lexicon puzzle begins at the Throat of the World, Whiterun, where you can speak to dragon Paarthurnax and ask him about the Elder Scroll. After doing so, you will have to speak to one of two other NPCs:

  • Arngeir at High Hrothgar, Whiterun
  • Esbern at Sky Haven Temple, The Reach

Speaking to either NPC will let you continue the quest, as both will direct you to the College of Winterhold. There you need to persuade Faralda to let you enter the college by showing one of your dragon shouts.

Once inside the college, find Urag gro-Shub, the librarian of the Arcanaeum. He will direct you to Septimus Signus' Outpost in Winterhold, where you can speak to Septimus Signus about the Elder Scroll.

Septimus will give you everything you need, including the Blank Lexicon item, to reach the Tower of Mzark located south of Dawnstar, The Pale (see map above for the exact location).

Lexicon Puzzle Solution

Once you're inside, follow these steps to solve the Lexicon puzzle:

  1. Place the Blank Lexicon on the Lexicon Receptacle
  2. Press the second button from the receptacle a few times until the receptacle lights up
  3. Press the fourth button from the receptacle until the lenses over the dwarven machine line up
  4. Press the fifth button from the receptacle once

This will reveal the Elder Scroll. Pick up and Elder Scroll, but also don't forget to pick up the Blank Lexicon from the receptacle. Now, return to Septimus Signus to finish the quest.

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Published Nov. 8th 2021

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