Hello Neighbor 2: How to Get All Museum Keys

Here's where to find all four Museum keys in Hello Neighbor 2.

After Act 1, Hello Neighbor 2 revolves around getting further and further into the Museum. Each act may begin in a different location, such as the bakery, Otto's house, or the Mayor's mansion, but they all end in the same place one way or another. And if you're here, you're wondering how to get all the Museum keys. 

Indeed, Hello Neighbor 2 is as much about hunting down keys as it is uncovering nefarious plots and escaping the clutches of angry townsfolk and a kidnapper. Everything you do serves the mechanic of finding one more key to open one more door. Collecting them all will take you from the beginning of Act 2 to near the end of Act 4. 

Museum Key Locations

  • Feather Key: Find all of the cash register buttons in Act 2. This key opens the main entrance to the Museum, giving you access to the model houses needed to solve the model house puzzle during Act 2.
  • Heart Key: Solve the Museum model house puzzle in Act 2. This key opens the Heart Lock door in the back left corner of the Museum's second story. 
  • Book Key: Find all of the map pieces and dig up the safe in Act 3. This key opens the Book Lock door on the middle left side of the Museum's second story. 
  • Gear Key: Find all of the trophies and use the ship wheel in Act 4. This key opens the Gear Door in the back right corner of the Museum's second story. 

Though you'll be able to visit and explore the Museum at the end of Act 2, you won't get all of the keys you need to fully explore it until Act 4. What's more, Peterson locks almost all of the doors again in Act 5, and you won't have any of the keys to open them again from that point forward. Here's how to escape the final boss and complete the game

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Published Dec. 15th 2022

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