Outward Complete Skill Locations Guide

Whether you want to become a rune sage, master the path of the wild hunter, or learn the ways of the shaman, we can show you every skill trainer you need to find in Outward!

With no character class selection screen, you get to choose what kind of adventurer to play in Outward based on what skills you learn while traveling the landscape.

While you can pick up universal skills freely, you only have a limited number of breakthrough skills that can be learned from specific trainers, which effectively pushes you towards a specific build.

Below we cover the locations of all the main trainers who teach specific skill trees, as well as one-off weapon skills available from various NPCs in the game.

Note that you can get one weapon skill for free from Burac automatically near the start of the game. Which skill he teaches is dependent on what kind of weapon you have equipped when you try to leave the Cierzo gates for the first time.

All of the weapon skills he can potentially teach you can then be learned for 50 silver from other NPCs if you later decide you want to use different weapon types.

Finally, don't forget there are also these three faction reward passive skills available to your character:

  • Heroic Kingdom of Levant: +15% damage
  • Holy Mission of Elatt: -15% mana / stamina costs
  • Blue Chamber Collective: +40 HP

As a little reminder, you do have to learn a class's breakthrough skill before you can learn any of its specialization skills, and within each class you have two specialization skills you have to choose between. Furthermore, you can only specialize in three classes at a time. Choose carefully.

Let's dive in and see where all the trainers are located so you can plan your character build before you start exploring!

Berg Skill Trainer Locations

  • Skill Tree: Rune Sage
  • Trainer: Flase

Flase is found in the tower on the north side of Berg in the Enmerkar Forest region.

Skill Type Cost
 Dez Universal 50 silver 
Egoth  Universal 50 silver  
 Fal Universal  50 silver 
 Shim Universal 50 silver 
Well of Mana  Breakthrough  500 silver 
 Arcane Syntax Specialization   600 silver
 Internalized Lexicon Specialization    600 silver 
 Runic Prefix Specialization    600 silver 


  • Skill Tree: Wild Hunter
  • Trainer: Ture

Ture is easily found at the south end of Berg standing on a giant rug beneath some trees.

Skill Type Cost
 Enrage Universal  50 silver 
Evasion Shot  Universal  50 silver 
Hunter's Eye  Universal 50 silver 
Sniper Shot  Universal  100 silver 
 Survivor's Resilience Breakthrough  500 silver 
Predator Leap  Specialization 600 silver
Piercing Shot  Specialization  600 silver
Feral Strikes  Specialization   600 silver


  • Skill: Mace Infusion
  • Trainer: Taleron (or Burac)

Taleron in Berg teaches this one handed mace special skill, or you can get it for free from Burac if you have a mace equipped when you leave the starting city.

  • Skill: Execution
  • Trainer: Sagard Battleborn (or Burac)

Sagard teaches this two handed axe skill near the Blue Chamber found in Berg. Otherwise, its free if you have a two handed axe equipped when first talking to Burac.

Cierzo Skill Trainer Locations

  • Skill Tree: Kazite Spellblade
  • Trainer: Eto Akiyuki 

Eto Akiyuki is found on the upper level of the Cierzo docks across from the stall where Master Chef Arago teaches you about cooking in the wild.

Skill Type Cost
 Steady Arm Universal   50 silver
 Shield Charge Universal   100 silver
Fitness  Universal   50 silver 
Spellblade's Awakening  Breakthrough   500 silver
 Infuse Fire Specialization   600 silver
 Infuse Frost Specialization    600 silver
 Gong Strike Specialization    600 silver
 Elemental Discharge Specialization   600 silver


  • Skill: Talus Cleaver
  • Trainer: Oda (or Burac)

This one handed axe skill can be learned for 50 silver from Kazite trainer Oda -- who is standing directly next to Eto at the docks upper level -- or you can get it for free from Burac if you have a one handed axe equipped when you try to leave Cierzo for the first time.

  • Skill: Pommel Counter
  • Trainer: Burac

Burac gives you this two handed sword skill for free if you leave Cierzo with that type of weapon equipped. Otherwise, he will teach it to you for 50 silver anytime you return to Cierzo after first leaving.

Chersonese Skill Trainer Locations

  • Skill Tree: Shaman
  • Trainer:  Adalbert the Hermit 

To find this hidden and reclusive hermit trainer you need to travel through Ghost Pass to the northeast portion of Chersonese.

Skill Type Cost
 Reveal Soul Universal 50 silver 
Call To Elements Universal  50 silver 
Mana Push  Universal  50 silver
Weather Tolerance  Universal  50 silver 
 Shamanic Resonance Breakthrough  500 silver 
Sigil of Wind  Specialization  600 silver
 Infuse Wind Specialization  600 silver
 Conjure Specialization  600 silver 


Levant Skill Trainer Locations

  • Skill Tree: Mercenary
  • Trainer: Jaimon

The merc trainer is found on the east side of Levant up the stairs in the main promenade.

Skill Type Cost
 Shatter Bullet Universal  50 silver 
 Frost Bullet Universal  100 silver 
 Fast Maintenance Universal  50 silver 
Armor Training  Universal  100 silver 
 Swift Foot Breakthrough  500 silver 
 Marathoner Specialization  600 silver 
 Shield Infusion Specialization  600 silver
Blood Bullet  Specialization  600 silver


  • Skill Tree: Rogue
  • Trainer: Styx

Styx is found in at the end of an alley in the slums at the south end of the city of Levant.

Skill Type Cost
 Backstab Universal 50 silver (or free in Vendavel Prison)
 Sweep Kick  Universal  50 silver
 Pressure Plate Training Universal  50 silver 
Opportunist Stab  Universal  100 silver 
 Feather Dodge Breakthrough  500 silver
 Serpent's Parry Specialization  600 silver
 Stealth Training Specialization  600 silver
 Pressure Plate Expertise Specialization   600 silver


  • Skill: Puncture
  • Trainer: Markus (or Burac)

This special one handed sword skill is taught by Markus in the slums of Levant for 50 silver, or given for free by Burac if you leave Cierzo with the appropriate weapon type equipped.

  • Skill: Simeon's Gambit
  • Trainer: The king (or Burac)

The king of Levant teaches the special spear skill for the standard 50 silver, or like the others you can get it for free from Burac.

Monsoon Skill Trainer Locations

  • Skill Tree: Philosopher
  • Trainer: Alemmon 

Both of the trainers in Monsoon are found at the northeast side of the town in close proximity to each other.

Skill Type Cost
 Chakram Pierce Universal  50 silver 
 Chakram Arc Universal  50 silver 
 Mana Ward Universal  50 silver 
 Sigil of Fire Universal  50 silver 
 Leyline Connection Breakthrough  500 silver 
Chakram Dance  Specialization  600 silver
 Sigil Of Ice Specialization  600 silver
 Fire Affinity Specialization  600 silver


  • Skill Tree: Warrior Monk
  • Trainer: Galira

Found near the other Monsoon trainer, Galira offers a skill tree you should go for if you prefer melee combat and having lots of stamina available.

Skill Type Cost
 Brace Universal  50 silver 
 Slow Metabolism Universal 50 silver 
 Focus Universal  50 silver 
 Steadfast Ascetic Breakthrough  500 silver 
 Perfect Strike Specialization 600 silver
 Master of Motion Specialization  600 silver 
 Flash Onslaught Specialization  600 silver
 Perfect Strike Specialization  600 silver 


  • Skill: Juggernaut
  • Trainer: Soeran (or Burac)

Like the other weapon skills, you can get this one for free from Burac if you hold a two handed bludgeon while leaving Cierzo, or Soeran in Monsoon teaches it for 50 silver.

  • Skill: Moonswipe
  • Trainer: Hallowed Marsh Inn Patron (or Burac)

This is the Polearm weapon skill that can be acquired either at the Hallowed Marsh Inn for 50 silver, or for free from Burac.


Now that you know where to find all the skill trainers and weapon NPCs, you might still need help with other aspects of this open world survival / RPG mashup, like acquiring better gear and paying off that pesky blood debt. Check out our other Outward guides here:

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