Minecraft: Where to Find Basalt

Basalt is one of the many new additions in Minecraft 1.16. Where can you get this new rock, and what can you do with it?

Basalt is an entirely new rock block to Minecraft 1.16, and like other rocks, it can be polished down to make Polished Basalt for decorative purposes — though it may be able to used for more, we don't know just yet!

Where to Find Basalt in Minecraft

A new rock needs a new place of origin, right? 

Basalt can only be found in two new biomes added with this patch, particularly in soul sand valley and basalt delta biomes. Both biomes are in the Nether.

Basalt Pillars can be found and mined in both biomes, but the rock can also be found throughout both biomes as well. No need to dismantle those cool pillars if you don't want to!

Uses for Basalt

As it is now, Basalt is only a decorative block and has no interactions with other blocks.

It can be polished, as mentioned before, either via old-fashioned crafting or via stonecutting. Stonecutting is the more efficient option, as with other blocks.

Is It Possible to Generate Basalt?

The answer is yes! And I'm not talking about Creative Mode.

Oddly enough, Basalt can be generated by having lava flow over Soul Soil, with Blue Ice adjacent to the block, where the lava should flow over the Soul Soil.

Blue Ice itself can only be obtained by mining Blue Ice blocks using a tool enchanted with Silk Touch.

This is useful if you aren't trying to build in the Nether, but want to use Basalt for decoration. You can simply head into the Nether, grab up some Soul Soil, and create your own Basalt generator anywhere outside of the rock's natural biomes.

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Published Jun. 23rd 2020

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