Sea of Thieves Guide: How to Get to a Volcano

Learn how to reach the volcanic islands and survive the eruptions with the help of this guide to Forsaken Shores DLC for Sea of Thieves.

The latest free update for Sea of Thieves, titled Forsaken Shores, sends you into the unknown area of Devil's Roar full of mysteries and new types of challenges. In this DLC the players are also given a better chance to transfer the loot to their ships via rowboats.

The new Devil's Roar area is remarkable for its extremely dangerous conditions that include earthquakes, geysers, and volcanic eruptions. If you want to know how to safely venture through this area without getting killed too fast, then follow our step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Go to Morrow's Peak Outpost

In order to start Forsaken Shore commendations you need to sail to the eastern part of the map where the new Devil's Roar biome is located. There you will find the Morrow's Peak Outpost in your map located in the center of the new area.

When you arrive at the outpost speak to Duke who will ask you to explore the islands of the Devil's Roar and uncover the locations of the five members of the alliance.

Step 2: Set Foot on Five Islands

Now follow the instructions below to uncover the locations of the five skeletons of the Forsaken Shore Alliance:

  1. Fetcher Farley. Located on top of the western hill at the Fetcher’s Rest island.
  2. Flintlock Bert. Located on the northern shore of the Flintlock Peninsula island.
  3. Ruby Carter. Located under the bridge in the center of the Ruby’s Fall island.
  4. Hepzibah Jones. Located in the center of the Forsaken Brink islands, inside a shelter.
  5. Old Coop. Located in the northern hills of the The Devil’s Thirst island.

You will easily find these islands in your ship's map.

Step 3: Surviving the Volcano

Most of the islands you'll be visiting in the course of the Forsaken Shores DLC are large islands that will surely have active volcanoes. These volcanoes erupt regularly within a certain time range.

As they erupt the volcanic rocks will shoot out into the sky and land all over the islan'ds surface and beyond potentially damaging your ship. So here are a few essential tips on how to survive the volcanic eruptions:

  • If you're approaching the volcanic island while it's in the process of eruption, then just stay away as far as possible until the eruption is over.
  • If the volcano started erupting after you landed on the shore, then either sail back to your ship using the rowboats, or find a cover on the island that will protect you from the falling rocks, such as caves and tunnels.
  • If the eruption is over, stay on guard as very soon it may start erupting again. The periods are random: it can be a long while, but at times it can start erupting again within 10 minutes.


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Published Oct. 1st 2018

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