Monster Hunter World -- Boulder Bone Guide

In your quest of eternal monster hunting, you're gonna need gear -- and a lot of it. So how do you get the Boulder Bone, an item that's going to help you do that? Our Boulder Bone guide will tell you.

Monster Hunter: World is on fire right now, and players of all experience levels -- from seasoned MH vets to those brand-new to the series -- are firmly engaged in the cycle of kill-collect-craft-repeat. Any player planning on continuing the hunt is going to need to up their chances of survival, and what better way to increase those odds than with some upgraded armor and weapons?

For that, you're going to need some Boulder Bone. This guide covers the basics to get you started finding Boulder Bone faster.

Where to Get Boulder Bone in Monster Hunter: World

To put it simply: you find Boulder Bone in Wildspire Waste. Though divided into 14 zones, the bones often appear in Zone 11 on Level 1, and in Zones 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12 for Level 2.

Possible Boulder Bone locations in Monster Hunter World

Please note that the red markings on this particular map 
do not represent the actual locations of the spawns.

 How to Get Boulder Bone in MHW 

Just walk up to the bone pile and loot it as you would other items. You might want to decide on an order of how to collect the piles, or at the very least how to farm the zones, to optimize your pattern.

Aiming for a circular motion is adivsed. Be sure to also keep an eye on the map itself for any bone icons. Once you've gone through all the bone piles, you can either return to the start point and wait for them to respawn, or exit the map and return so the piles respawn when the map loads.

Why Get Boulder Bone in Monster Hunter: World?

 Armor sets that need Boulder Bone to be crafted:

  • Barroth
  • Rathian
  • Bone Set Alpha
  • Bone Set Beta

Weapons that require Boulder Bone:

  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Tree (Bow)
  • Bone Tree (Bow)
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Tree (Long sword)
  • Bone Tree (Long sword)
  • Dragonbone Tree (Long Sword)
  • Water Element Tree (Heavy Bowgun)
  • Bone Tree (Heavy Bowgun)
  • Bone Tree (Light Bowgun)
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Tree (Insect Glaive)
  • Bone Tree (Insect Glaive)
  • Water Element Tree (Insect Glaive)
  • Bone Tree (Charge Glaive)
  • Bone Tree (Switch Axe)
  • Bone Tree (Gunlance)
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Tree (Lance)
  • Bone Tree (Lance)
  • Water Element Tree (Lance)
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Tree (Hunting Horn)
  • Bone Tree (Hunting Horn)
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Tree (Dual Blades)
  • Bone Tree (Dual Blades)
  • Dragonbone Tree (Dual Blades)
  • Bone Tree (Greatsword)
  • Water Element Tree (Greatsword)
  • Dragonbone Tree (Greatsword)
  • Bone Tree (Sword and Shield)
  • Dragonbone Tree (Sword and Shield) 

Suffice to say, you're more than likely going to want to get a hold of some Boulder Bone sooner or later to be able to craft some of that armor or the numerous weapons that require it.

Whether you're just passing by the zone or are deliberately there searching for Boulder Bone, we hope the tips in this guide have been of some use to you. Be sure to stick with GameSkinny for more information and guides on Monster Hunter: World, and if you haven't already, check out these helpful guides: 


Published Feb. 27th 2018

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