Monster Hunter: World Multiplayer Expeditions Guide

Expedition matchmaking can be a bit tricky in Monster Hunter: World. Here are a couple of ways to help you get into an expedition with your friends as quick as possible.

If grinding is the bread and butter of Monster Hunter games then multiplayer is the jam that makes playing games like Monster Hunter: World a unique experience. Players need to use multiplayer and expeditions to work together and implement proper strategy to hunt and take down the most dangerous monsters and get the best loot there is. Few feelings come close to the overwhelming sense of accomplishment you feel after struggling for 40 minutes to take down a monster with your friends and succeeding. It builds camaraderie and lasting memories. 

In Monster Hunter: World there are a few key features players need to be aware of when they want to play expeditions in co-op with their buddies, or even random strangers, and be successful.

Using Multiplayer to Hunt Monsters With Friends in MH: World

Monster Hunter: World's multiplayer scales up the difficulty of monsters, but it doesn't scale based on the number of players in a multiplayer group. This means that an expedition of two players will typically have a harder time than a single player taking down a monster. However, expeditions of four players will have a much easier time taking down the same monster.

It's also worth noting that groups of three or four players won't be able to bring their palicoes with them when they set out on a quest or expedition. Multiplayer in MH: World also isn't available from the very beginning of the game. Players will have to complete a few easy story quests first before unlocking multiplayer.

Once you feel you're ready to go on a casual hunt with friends it's time to setup up a multiplayer expedition.

A Player Holds an Item in a Monster Hunter Expedition, Surrounded by Other Players

What are Expeditions?

Expeditions in Monster Hunter: World are the free-play mode between major quests. Players can go into the game's various maps on expeditions to explore the Monster Hunter environments with no time limit or set objective. Players can use this time to gather materials for their next hunt or quest, restock their equipment, gather research, complete bounties and other investigations, explore and figure out where monsters like to stick around, just screw around, and hunt the bigger monsters, too. Basically, expeditions are the place for players to hang out and strengthen their characters between major quests.

Sounds Great. So How Do I Enter an Expedition With My Friends?

There are two primary ways to get into expeditions with your friends. 

  1. After a quest (completed or failed)
    • You can go to the save data select screen, the handler, or gathering to join an online session. If you create a private session, you can invite friends to it or they can enter the session ID to join.
    • Once everyone is in a session together, you will want to join the same party. Post a quest and wait for your friends to join the quest.
      • Note: Make sure everyone is high enough rank to join the quest posted or they won't be able to play with you. 
    • Upon completion, or failure, of the quest, you'll be given the option to return to camp as a party or return from the expedition. Everyone who wants to participate in the expedition must select return to camp with current party.
    • Boom, you'll be put into an expedition together to do as you please.
  2. Using an SOS flare
    • After joining an online session, set off on an expedition by yourself
    • Once you're on the expedition fire an SOS flare from your start menu.
    • People can search the quest boards for your SOS flare by setting their search preferences to expedition or no preference.


That's it. There isn't a whole lot to it. Now you can get the full MHW experience -- and with your friends! Looking for more Monster Hunter: World tips and tricks? Make sure to check out our other Monster Hunter: World guides! Here are a few to get you started: 

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Published Feb. 4th 2018

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